Death Proof & Planet Terror £2.99 each @Play.com
Death Proof & Planet Terror £2.99 each @Play.com

Death Proof & Planet Terror £2.99 each @Play.com

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Director Quentin Tarantino delivers an adrenaline shot to the heart with Death Proof, a peddle to the metal white knuckle ride behind the wheel of a psycho serial killer's roving, revving, racing death machine.

Kurt Russell (Escape from New York, The Thing, Silkwood) stars as a sociopathic stuntman whose taste for stalking sexy young ladies gets him into big trouble when he tangles with the wrong gang of badass babes. Their confrontation escalates to a hair-raising, 18-minute automotive duel with one of the girls strapped to the hood of a thundering Dodge Challenger that will have you on the edge of your seat mile after mile.

Referencing some classic chase movies - from H.B. Halicki's self-financed Gone in 60 Seconds, which contained a non-stop, forty minute car chase, to Vanishing Point, the nihilistic chase flick, to Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, a Peter Fonda vehicle - Tarantino once again mixes genres to perfection, fusing the chase and slasher flicks and coming up with something truly original. Death Proof is also Tarantino's most linear film: Events are presented chronologically and breaks in time are punctuated with title cards. Though the action is sequential, the contents of this unfamiliar structure are no less intriguing than that of any of his previous films.

Kurt Russell turns in a superb virtuoso performance in Death Proof as the truly evil, devious, deranged lunatic Stuntman Mike - a psychotic serial killer and Hollywood stunt double who uses his 'death proof' Chevy to fulfil his murderous lust. Joining Russell as Tarantino's girls are Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Rent, 25th Hour), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror, The Black Dahlia, TV's Charmed) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Die Hard 4.0, Factory Girl). In addition, real-life stuntwoman Zo?ell (Uma Thurman's body double in Kill Bill), playing herself to wonderful effect, proves to be more than a match for Stuntman Mike, ensuring the film's climax is an exhilarating 100% stunt action triumph - and all done without any use of CGI effects!

So if you want to experience the thrill of the ride that is Death Proof and are prepared to have your senses mashed to pulp in the process, then you're in for a sadistic treat when the DVD hits the streets.
Robert Rodriguez brings you Planet Terror a retro futuristic horror film unlike any other!

An experimental bio-weapon is released - turning thousands of people into zombie-like creatures. As the multiplying horde of frenzied zombie's approach, a dangerous outlaw named Wray (Freddy Rodriguez), a sexy stripper named Cherry (Rose McGowan), an unscrupulous smuggler named Abby (Naveen Andrews), and the curiously incapacitated Dr. Dakota Block (Marley Shelton) must try and stop the infected and escape to a place untouched by the nightmare.


Bargain price for great films from a superb director thanks.

I don't think I'd bother watching Deathproof again. But Planet Terror is AWESOME. Hot!

hot hot hot

Death Proof is probably one of the worst films ever made.
It's not even worthy of download time.

Death Proof's a great movie if you skip the endless dialogue scenes - the first time Tarantino ever bored me with his dialogue! But, the action scenes are fantastic and both movies are worth £2.99 - especially Planet Terror as it's a 2 disc edition and Rodriguez tends to pack his discs full of good stuff.

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Death Proof is probably one of the worst films ever made. It's not even … Death Proof is probably one of the worst films ever made. It's not even worthy of download time.

It's very good imo. Helps to know what it is and what he was trying to do I suppose. But each to their own.

Deathproof is so bad you feel embarrassed for QT and everyone involved while you are watching it. Enjoyed PT though - good fun.

So much promise when these were planned as a double bill in cinemas.

Have to agree Deathproof was very poor. Some scenes were up to par but excessively long over indulgent dialogue scenes meant it dragged.

I'd watch Planet Terror again though, it was a hoot !

Not for me, i've just watched Inglorious Basterds , now that was awesome.

I thought the pair were poor, seen much better in both genre's and I think these were more about blowing smoke up QT's rear about how clever he was do go retro...and shame on Rodriguez for falling in with it as well..Granted both have a few moments but I wouldn't even bother watching either of them again personally. Could be doing something productive like sandpapering dust from my eyeballs...

I loved Death Proof - far more so than Planet Terror and particularly the protracted dialogue sections that draw you into the sleazy lawless world that Tarantino paints. The scene with Stuntman Mike, Butterfly and his "you're ok in my book" book is one of my favourite scenes from any film.

When Pulp Fiction came out it was applauded for contrasting mundane dialogue (cheeseburgers) with hyper violent action. For me, Death Proof does this just as well, if not better.

Anyway back to the point - great prices for both films - heat and rep added.

My personal opinion is that this aint that great a deal. Both these films are merely average and I wouldn't be wanting to pay money to own either of them. Definitely QT's worst film to date and if you want a decent Robert Rodriguez film, you'd be better sticking with the El Mariachi trilogy


Not for me, i've just watched Inglorious Basterds , now that was awesome.

Deathproof was pretty crap in my opinion, especially in comparison to Planet Terror. However, I am also of the opinion that Inglorious Basterds was awful, except for the last half hour which was stylistically brilliant. Prior to that though I was bored off of my rocker.

Back to the point though, hot prices!

Deathproof was a better film than Planet Terror. But liked them both and would buy them both.

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220? With so many hating the films I didn't think it'd break 200
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