Death Race Blu Ray £5.95 @ Zavvi + Quidco

Death Race Blu Ray £5.95 @ Zavvi + Quidco


Nice one, been waiting for this to come down in price for ages

Excellent price. Thanks. Ordered.:thumbsup:

great price ordered

Great film, absolute killer price, ordered!

Good price for a blu ray, but terrible terrible film

Fantastic price.
Not a terrible film at all imo, just mindless and action packed!

Great price for a Blu-Ray, regardless of film, so voted hot. Havent seen the film itself so cannot comment on the quality, but it certainly represents a good buy for anybody who likes this, based on the cost of Blu-Rays generally. :thumbsup:

showing as £9.95 on site

In the time that I read reviews about it, it has gone up to £9.95. Lucky for those that got it for less!
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