Death Ray Manta SE (Nintendo Switch) - 99p @ Nintendo eShop

Death Ray Manta SE (Nintendo Switch) - 99p @ Nintendo eShop

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Death Ray Manta SE (Nintendo Switch) - 99p @ Nintendo eShop
Posted 22nd Feb 2021
Death Ray Manta has lasers in his head. He blew up his house, now he lives in space instead.

Twin-stick shooter inspired by Jeff Minter, Eugene Jarvis/Vid Kidz, and 70s horror films. Not many reviews around for the Switch version, but the PC version has a 92% user rating on Steam.

Not much to be saved in other regions -- it's ~10p cheaper in the Russia eStore, and actually more expensive in South Africa, Norway etc.

Death Ray Manta is a short-form twin-stick arena shooter where you blow up enemies using colourful laser beams.

You spawn in the centre of the screen, moments later the screen is filled with mines, robots, rabbits, and lasers from beyond the stars. Collect space gems for bonus points and shoot everything else.

With 32 screens of increasingly colourful and crazy laser firing mayhem, how far into fish space can you get?


  • Pure ’80s arcade action
  • 32 challenging screens
  • Neon-drenched visuals
  • Stellar synthwave soundtrack
  • Southpaw option

This game contains flashing images that could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
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