Deathnote L Bracelet- Anime in Halloween items - Poundland  £1

Deathnote L Bracelet- Anime in Halloween items - Poundland £1

Found 13th Sep 2009Made hot 14th Sep 2009
For all Anime fans....

went shopping and picked up bracelet for dd

i didnt realise but she has - that these are the Deathnote Anime series (??)

metal + soft leather strap

selling on U.S site for $15

cant say what others they had - lots to choose from

necklaces as well


which poundland?

Sounds cool will have a look

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which poundland?

got these in bletchly bucks - but would assume most poundlands are putting in their halloween displays now

loads to choose from :thumbsup:

Nice find

Nice, you could set up a stall at an anime con and be minted!

Not seen these at all unfortunately.
Sad because I'm a massive Deth Note fan and would have bought ALL of these [well, 1 of each kind]
Anyone able to help me out? :P I'd pay postage.
Longshot but still, just seeing xD

Nice find.
My daughters are into death note. top deal

Both my daughters love Death note so i drove to the 3 local poundshops who had none unfortunately.

Voted hot for the price.

Anyone know if these are in Bridgend/Cardiff/Newport/Swansea? Would like to know before go galavanting off

i'll get you some if they are in my local poundland. i'll be going there sometime this week. do you still want some and can you let me know exactly what you do want?

Lol everyone seems to be saying their daughters love deathnote but i only know a couple of girls that enjoy anime *sigh*
The lonely life of an anime loving guy :P

Was in the Gravesend branch today there was loads of them, didn't take much notice of them, but good price for something that seems to be expensive elsewhere!!

Well I managed to hit Swansea/Bridgend/Cardiff today and can confirm none there.

None in Chelmsford either can anyone get me some as my son is Deathnote and "L" mad I will happily pay for postage as well as cost thanks

None in Birkenhead, Wallasey or Liverpool stores :x
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