Deathsmiles: Deluxe Edition Xbox 360 - £11.85 Delivered @ The Hut

Deathsmiles: Deluxe Edition Xbox 360 - £11.85 Delivered @ The Hut

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Found 22nd Mar 2011
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Deathsmiles is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up that went into arcade operation on October 19th 2007, and was later released on the Japanese Xbox 360 in March 2009.

Unlike other shooting games, Deathsmiles is designed with a left/right shooting mechanic, surrounding you with enemy units and gunfire from both sides of the screen.

The player will need to employ strategy and think about enemy positioning as your shots may be blocked by obstacles. Deathsmiles features a selectable difficulty level that allows you to choose how to proceed through the game, ensuring that newcomers are as welcome as veterans. Different stories and conversations will appear during both single player and two-player cooperative play and depends on the character(s) chosen.

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