Debenhams blue cross sale today 70% @Debenhams.com
Debenhams blue cross sale today 70%  @Debenhams.com

Debenhams blue cross sale today 70% @Debenhams.com

Debenhams blue cross sale today 70% Off selected items instore and online


Looks very boring all of it , nothings even on line, theres not even one single set of denby cookerware,

and the mens section is just apalling,

Is it me or do Debenhams have one of these every other week?? :-s

Nice find - not much left though.....

Out of Stock.
Out of Stock..
Out of Stock...
Out of Stock....

In case you were going to check the Sale out - Out of Stock!



What do you mean out of stock? They have a lovely green nylon jacket in X-large.


Ordering off Debenhams online is a pain too.
Items show as in stock, and then two weeks later you get a letter saying they're not.
No order tracking so you have to email them, to get a computer generated reply that didn't answer your question.
I won't order from them again. (Although the quidco tracked, validated and paid on items not received.)

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J Jeans by Jasper Conran
Khaki cotton twill jacket
Was £40.00 > Now £28.00 > Now £20.00
Was £40.00 > Now £28.00 > Now £20.00
Item No.: 0170105549
size 8 12 14

Yep they're a right shower - it seems to be pot luck if you get the item or not - totally unreliable.
As with all private equity owned firms they seem to have slimmed down the ranges as well - the stores are as bad. I have one near to me & I can't honestly say I've not purchased anything from it in the last 18 months - they've stopped selling the odds and ends I used to buy from them.

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Taupe twill parka jacket

Was £25.00 > Now £20.00 > Now £12.50 size 12 14 18 22

Item No.: 0570106124

Voted cold, no stock and Debenhams are notorious for doing the "not in stock" email 2 weeks after ordering, I think the link between their website and their warehouse is an innumerate slug.



very poor....

nice 1 above codes work aswell the free delivery and 20% discount :thumbsup:

Deben - shams blue cross sale!

Thanks for the heads up starlight

SALE has disappeared from Debenhams site. Expiring this thread..

Most of the items are from there new year sales. The clearence has been going on since then.

i used to think Debenhams had a good rep, but based on my recent experience (half of my orders cancelled, no explanations, no stock even though showing 'in stock') they suck.

I ordered a Tefal frying pan for £9 after codes. Doubt it will be in stock though. I did order at 8am so maybe...

Debenhams also have a nasty habit of debiting your credit card etc for items straight away, they you find out these items are "sold out" (but you only tend to find that out when you chase up the no show of orders).

I had to chase up and badger Debenhams for over a month to get a refund on items that were sold out. :x

Be warned.


Just recieved my Tefal frying pan. Pleasently suprised it arrived.
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