Debenhams dates for upcoming sales -  Blue Cross etc (now ON) !

Debenhams dates for upcoming sales - Blue Cross etc (now ON) !

Found 28th Jun 2008
Hi, My hubby works for debenhams and has just brought home a newsletter with some sale dates , not sure which are the best, but if you are planning shopping trips, these dates on your calandar may help, better to go when there is a sale.
Furthur reductions started 26th june

Blue cross- wed 2nd July (this one will be advertised on TV)
High summer sale launches - 14th august
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Thanks for the heads-up!
Glad to have helped, my friends always ask me to ask my hubby , when the next sales are on, so they dont buy before them! Happy bargain hunting!:)
thnks for heads up !
Thanks Karen
tell me this,
does it not put you off buying things at full price from Debenhams - all this sales......

it puts me off....

rather wait for the bargains!!!!

c x

ps cheers for the info..
I'm off to Glasgow on Wednesday for sure Karen, thanks for the info. Voted hot.:)
WELL DONE! FAB! Thanks! Heat and rep added!
I spent about £65 in there yesterday. Got some Shorts and a t-shirt at 30% off and some jeans at 50%. I wouldn't really pay full price for clothes anywhere. I got a coat in there for full price once but apart from that I always look exclusively at the sale racks.
HOT to trot!
Thanks a lot for this!
Thanks for the heads up HOT from me :thumbsup:
Thank You
Has anyone seen this advertised on tv yet??
Blue cross sale now ON

[image missing]

Anyone find anything different from this Blue Cross sale? All I see are items that were already reduced before and are still the same sale price now.

Oh nevermind. Their Home section is exactly the same. They added other sections on sale.
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