Debenhams - Sofa Bed - Was £700 now £250

Debenhams - Sofa Bed - Was £700 now £250

Found 18th Jun 2012
Found this while having a look on Debenhams sale section. Looks a really nice bed and comes with a massive price reduction.
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Thanks marco21uk for posting your first deal on hukd please don't be disheartened by the cold votes, the sofa doesn't have very good reviews which is a shame, as it does look quite nice & is available in red too, which would be ideal for a kids bedroom.
I think thats the main thing, everyone saying the build quality is very poor and for them to claim it was 700.00 only hurts them as 700.00 for a sofa bed is a lot and you would expect quality.
A friend of mine paid about £350 for this only 6 months ago. It's actually not that bad. Quite comfy and easily convertable. Definitely not for long term sleeping use though.
looks really nice? are you blind?
I saw this instore, it is very easy to convert as the raised bit just lowers to turn into a bed. But I would say it wasn't very comfortable as a sofa. Probably quite good for someone who wants to convert from sofa to bed a lot
I can feel a stubbed toe coming on just looking at the legs on that thing. Ouch! oO
reviews are poor on average 3* .RRP 700 is a joke probably this is worth £200-£250 max but i'm sure there are better options out there. Not voting.
as said foget rrp but maybesuit someone
**** reviews, shame as i need one!
Ikea are hard to bat when it comes to low cost sofa beds, think they'e a sale on at the minute too
Aww looks nice to but reviews aren't good
similar ones on ebay are selling for £120.... which is about right...
The only thing which I can't understand is how they came up with this title of 'WAS £700', where in the price it shows that it was £350 before reduction.

Surely trying to 'price' it at £700 is ridiculous.
reviews all came from people who paid sale price even way back in jan. so most people paid was £350. i would buy if it was £150 though, dont think its worth £250
Debenhams do this all the time. They are classed as "Sale Buys". They price them at full price in a couple of their shops for a week or so and then roll them out at the sale price across all of their stores. I worked there as a teenager and most of their practices are questionable IMO. I would ignore any "RRP" that they quote as they are usually inflated to allow them to claim they sell things at "75% off!"
177cm length --- that's 5'9", so taking account of a pillow, anybody over about 5'3" will have their feet sticking over the edge. I would maybe have purchased one if it had been a bit longer.
I was going to vote this cold. Hate the inflated RRP!

But, Ikea has to be the benchmark for cheap sofa beds and this looks a lot better than their stuff to me. Plus it does seem to be a genuine £100 discount, which isn't bad.…67/
I've been looking at sofa bed in this price range for the spare room. It's a difficult one - there are alot of nasty faux leathery ones around the £129 - £179 mark, and they are only really suitable for light use in a kids room. After that, you are looking at more towards £350-£500 for a decent one.

I think the finish and quality of this one looks pretty much on the mark for the price, so I'm going to vote hot.
I bought one of these a few months back for around this price. Very happy with it, build quality feels good.

It certainly is fairly firm, good for visitors for short stays.

looks really nice? are you blind?

No. But thanks for your concern.
I got a sofa bed that was pretty close to this from at the start of the year for £200, so this is a bit overpriced for me.

Panic not marco21uk, this is how it is with everyones first deal post

Not that everyone's first post has a turnaround like this - from "don't worry about the cold votes" to currently 434° - well done sir.
is it a bed that turns into a sofa or a sofa that turns into a bed?? i have to know!...

I got a sofa bed that was pretty close to this from at the start … I got a sofa bed that was pretty close to this from at the start of the year for £200, so this is a bit overpriced for me.

Just checked those out - really nice for the money! You should submit those as a deal!
Wow, so hot for something so poor.
Odd, it's now showing as WAS £700, NOW £700
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