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ElectriQ 27" Full HD 144Hz Freesync HDR Gaming Monitor £155 @ Debenhams plus
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Screen size: 27” Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080) Aspect ratio: 16:9 Contrast ratio: 1000:1 Refresh rate: 144Hz Response time: 5MS (1ms GTG) Maximum power consumption: 44W … Read more
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£159.97 at laptops direct


3 reviews on site that rate it pretty high and yeah gone up to £175 now


showing as £175 for me :/


Currently looking for something with these specs. Can't seem to find a trustworthy review though :/


Been holding out for a cheap 144hz but still not sure on this brand. Heat given though. I'll wait for some feed back from a fellow gamer

Ipad Pro 10.5 512gb WiFi Gold £670 	Debenhams Plus
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Cheaper than you can currently get the 256Gb version for....

Now expired


it is cheaper at laptops direct. Good spot...


Seems average price for the 10.5 inch version. Update: Actually not avaerage price cheaper than most online retailers. This site cheaper? Model code different not sure if like to like: Unsure if like to like but I posted the laptopdirect deal myself as both deals appears cheaper than most online retailers.

electriQ 43" 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Android Smart TV with Freeview HD £263 @ Debenhams plus
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Amazing deal for a HDR 4K smart TV. You can get it for £233 if you sign up for with a £1 trial. Enjoy pin sharp, stunningly realistic picture detail on the 43 inch 4… Read more
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Oh, so it is still 4K. But there's something about the build that's not great. Not unsurprising to hear from an unknown brand. Still, for that price. People can experience a better level of screen that your Tecnika's and Bushes and less than Samsung and LG true, but save £400 against an equivalent.


The picture is really bad . The hdr is poor quality . Not even worth 200 pound.


Can you explain? What do you mean not 4K?


Don’t buy this tv it’s not even 4K never mind HDR


How do I get money off when I sighn up to which ??

Asus laptop with gtx 1060 6gb - £860 @ Debenhams Plus
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Was the cheapest laptop I found with a gtx 1060 6gb inside thought it looked a good deal with 289 quid off.



Yep all noisy and most can heat a 3 bed semi!


You will be hard pushed to find any gaming laptop with good spec & quiet fans. besides most the time I wear a headset. guy next to me on a flight game me a few dirty looks (embarrassed)


£849.97 from Laptops Direct


That's my bug bear - loud fans. Will skip this - thanks for sharing.

SIM free Samsung Galaxy S8 - 64GB £529 @ Debenhams plus
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Hi all, I believe this is currently the best price available so i thought i should share. Cheers.

I ordered last week this for my wife. It definitely existed and I can't find it now even. Probably deal ended. Here is the HUKD link


Have you a link for that? I can't seem to find it


Awful deal


Maybe worth it after 20% staff discount (presently 18%) for organisations like TFL,UKAR etc with their employee rewards.


It's £489 at John Lewis too.

75" eletriq 4K HDR TV from Debenhams - £1,259
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Close to the price for the COSTCO deal. I don't have a degree in the latest 4k HDR technology so can't comment on how this compares to other 75 inch televisions from more well know… Read more

Be vary of purchasing such a large screen, that too a cheap one. The trailer loop I saw playing today on a 75 inch (not the model in question) looked like good SD not even HD. I was standing quiet near it but would rather get a quality big brand 65 inch tv around the £1000 mark than this.


Eletriq screens are provided by just one company who supply to Debenhams Plus via their distribution channel - which has different names depending on who they supply to. Debenhams will have nothing to do with the brand any recourse will be to the distribution channel not debenhams (Debenhams Plus is only very loosely affiliated to Debenhams), so after sales support will be very limited. There is a relative high failure rate for screens from this company but if you get one that does not fail users report a very good image. So it may be a bargain but it is a lot of money to shell out if there are problems.


Unknown brand + 1 year warranty makes me wary. So surely can't be much better than the Toshiba Costco deal to justify the extra price? And if you go for this, probably worth spending a bit more for the Hisense 75" deal at RS?


Ronnie Pickering! :p


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Cubot H3 Gold 5" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free CUB-H3-GOLD £89 @ Debenhams
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
Android 7, 32 gigs of storage and 3 gigs of ram plus a 6000 mAh battery. All for £89 from a UK retailer. Only negative I can see is the 720p screen but at this price you can't comp… Read more
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WOW!!! Great value phone it really is - good size and easy to use.... Have some heat! I had a Cubot before and absolutely loved it. This one is even better - very tempted! LOL!


Buy-it-Direct T/A DebenhamsPlus 2.6/10 rating (shock)

winchman Another option, looks a bit more upto date


Got my Mrs the H1 a while back, and she loved!....She's now on the a motoG5, who she also loves.....for the price, these Cubots offer great value. Heated up and thanks is for posting (y)


Yep all cubot phones come with that, I've had mine a year and had zero issues with it, a brilliant value for money phone

Acer RT280K 28" FreeSync 4K Ultra HD HDMI Gaming Monitor £209 @ Debenhams
Found 28th AprFound 28th Apr
28 inch 4k 60hz

Yes, but 2-4 weeks for delivery


Available from Amazon for same price.


I'm not sure how I feel about Debenhams venturing into tech... :/


Well you learn something everyday


Lol. You do know Debenhams Plus is ran by Buy It Direct, who own, well you guess...laptops direct.

ASUS ROG Strix i7-7700 32gb 256GB SSD GTX1080 - £1409 @ Debenhams Plus
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Good price for gaming desktop of this calibre. Additional slots for 2extra SSDs and for liquid cooling. Intel Core i7 7700 ProcessorGeForce GTX 1080 Graphics card32 GB RAM256 GB … Read more
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Star Citizen is a mess It's unoptimized Even if it does use 11gb which is shouldn't You would still have 5gb left of ram, you don't need that much for background Most games only use 5gbs of ram or less for gaming You need 16gb at most currently unless you are using a multi monitor setup and need to use multiple heavy task programs at once


You don’t, but clearly others do, as they’ll be doing more demanding things than you do. When I play Star Citizen, that alone eats around 11GB, then there’s other programs and such I’ll be using, a reason I myself am planning to jump to 32GB.


Nice enough bit of kit ....until the next big thing comes along! XD Heat added.


Yeah my 1080ti struggles to hit 100fps in Minecraft at 720p. Shocking really all things considered.


More like 1440p 60 Hz not worth it. My 1080 Ti struggles to consistently hit 100 fps @ 1440p with max details.

9% to 26% off Apple MacBooks - MacBook pro with touchbar, dual core i5, 256gb - £1583 @ Debenhams Plus
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Apple products are rarely discounted but I found this at Debenhams. MacBook pro with touchbar, dual core i5, 256gb is £1749 in Tesco, Argos, Currys, John Lewis and A.O. but £1583 i… Read more

I used to think this too, always hated Apple. This week I used MacOS for the first time and I'm hooked. Specs might be lower but when you have a company manufacturing the hardware, the OS and the software, things like Final Cut just work so well. And this is the cheapest I've seen the model I want.


They have the new 2in1 XPS 9575 on the dell website. But they start at £1,699, and no option for the i9 yet.


I too doubted that quote to be honest but this makes me think the baseline model will be £999 Dell hasn’t yet confirmed UK pricing for the XPS 15, but prices will start at $999.99 in the US. Read more at




That's because they will cost 1.5K and not a thousand bucks

G11CD Core i5-7400 8GB 1TB + 256GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics Windows 10 Gaming Desktop £590 at Debenhams Plus
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Core i5-7400 8GB 1TB + 256GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics Windows 10 Gaming Desktop It has an SSD unlike the 1060 GTX version so this machine will be preferable for some.

Fair enough.


That deal would be better for a serious gamer, but I am looking at this for someone who is not a serious gamer.


I think the laptops direct deal is slightly better with the 1060 6gb

ASUS G11CD Core I5-6400 8GB 1TB GTX 970 at Debenhams Plus for £539
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Key Specification Processor manufacturer Intel Processor Model Intel Core i5 Processor Number 6400 Graphics GeForce GTX 970 RAM Memory 8GB Hard drive capacity 1TB Operating System … Read more

That is amusing. Had no idea laptops direct had an affiliation to trade under Debenhams brand - explains the slight mark up in price between the two though.


Just checked Debenhams plus , they are laptops direct , same company lol


When I stated that yes - now this one is 590 and laptop directs 580


Who did? The other links?


They have now upped its price to match your deal

Samsung s8 from Debenhams Plus £589
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Seems the post s9 discounts are starting!!!
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You can pay with your UK Visa card, check the conversion rate on Yesterday it worked out £454.


I got it in Dec for 450 brand new


Using that link works out at 475 including 5 euro delivery. How have you managed to get it at 454?


How do you get the Amazon link to convert to pounds? I would bite at that price but it only shows in Euros. Would they send to the UK as it appears that Amazon isn't the seller, it's a third party?


Any S8 deals going where the word S9 DOESN'T get a mention?, God forbid you would want an S8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black/Gold 6.3" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free @ Debenhams Plus £799 Free Delivery
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black/Gold Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Ultra-sharp Dual lens 12 Megapixel rear camera & 8 Megapixe… Read more
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Just a new one for £625 from ebay Also bought a fast samsung wireless charger for £30 all for £655


However they do have 100% return if it's not used and in original packaging (impossible to know about any issue without opening n using it) but still u pay for postage to China... N if it get lost or damage U liable.


Go to Samsung store. It just written there next to display phone. Make sure u ask about that offer.


Read their terms and conditions. Ok their website. I remember reading while back



Home Phones And PDAs Smartphones Xiaomi 4A-32GREY  Compareprintable versionView Printable Version Xiaomi Redmi 4A Dark Grey 5" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
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Just had a quick look at Trustpilot, all I can say is.......... wow. Are they run by British Gas??


Ah, I get you. I never looked into the site and domain etc, I just know that the company itself is a shocker, and will give nowhere near the level of service that the actual Debenhams will give. I understand what you're saying, though.


I understand, I also have companies I only use in extremis, my point was the site is legit and registered to Debenhams, not some dodgy 3rd world server farm. Although......... My browser tells me the website is hosted in France, and WHOIS say it is hosted in the UK.


I have experience with the company. Once was enough.


I dont know anything about Buy-IT, but the page is legit. The WHOIS for Debs and Debs+ both resolve back to Debenhams Retail PLC. They also state they are a Debs partner firm; the only slightly dodgy thing is the lack of physical contact address - a requirement under UK law, but something a lot of sites fail to display.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Black or Grey at Debenhams Plus for £559
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Gutted I missed out on the eBay deals, I have sent this to John Lewis hoping they price match, still waiting to find out as I personally want the Samsung recycling option. Not sure… Read more

Can you elaborate on this deal?


No problem, Samsung will cover any phone sourced from within the EU for 2 years. So buy with confidence.


Ordered, thank you.


I just bought this one A grade refurb with Argos eBay, might be a cheaper long term option.


Absolutely, but it ends today so be quick.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ - £649 @ Debenhams Plus
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Debenham Plus is selling S8+ 64GB for £649. From a trustworthy seller I would say this is good price. 2.1%TCB

£629 now


€588 order now delivered on 10th January it said.


What price was this displaying in euros at time of posting? Currently €635


Wow thats a good price. The s8 is £500 ao a few extra id definitely buy it but its still expensive lol


Bought a refurb before Christmas from Argos ebay, it was brand new with 12 months warranty £514.99

Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 2.6GHz 16GB 256GB SSD 15 Inch OS X 10.12 Sierra with Touch Bar Laptop - MLW72B/A £1739 - Debenhams Plus
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
I am not sure if this is a misprice. This is the cheapest I can find this spec anywhere. Apple selling them for £2,349
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Knock off £240 with the student discount from Apple, even then it's not really a good price, but it's a damn sight better.


Apple = brrr 😨 wrap up warm kids


An extra £100 for this one would be better "value" ;-) Shame its not £1,750 as it was a month or two ago.


Any ideas on a good price for a current 2017 model? Argos seem to be selling 2017 touchbar model with 512ssd and Radeon 560 for £2399 for the Space Grey colour... is that a decent deal?


Old model as Apple don't sell a 2.6ghz model.

Indesit IDCE8450BH 8kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer Polar White £245 @ Debnehams plus
Found 10th Dec 2017Found 10th Dec 2017
Indesit IDCE8450BH 8kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer Polar White Reduced from the 299 to 245

Factor in additional labour warranty and then compare the price wth other brands.



Alcatel U5 4G Cocoa Grey 5" 8GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free - Dual Sim - £68 delivered @ Debenhams Plus
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Not bad from a UK big name retailer
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A3 Plus Link ->!colour=black&capacity=16GB&dealType=pg Price increased since last week's promotion.


I haven't got a link, but If you go on the carphone warehouse website it's in the pay as you go section.


Can't find it for less then £90, have you a link.


go for A3 which is 5 inch screen but 1.5 GB Ram and 4G unlike A3 Plus which is 3G


1gb of ram. Won't last long.