DEBUT LUNAR POOL TABLE NEW - RRP £499.99 now £94.99 @ Argos-Ebay

DEBUT LUNAR POOL TABLE NEW - RRP £499.99 now £94.99 @ Argos-Ebay

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Found 30th Aug 2010
Looking for a pool table and stumbled over this little beauty, unfortunately they will only deliver to the north of UK & NI with a delivery of £9.99 (26 available).
Remember to use Quidco for the Ebay purchase for a further saving.

Mains operated.
MP3 compatible pool table with built in speakers to listen to your favorite music whilst you play.
Universal MP3 adaptor.
LED lighting in table top.
Contemporary leg design.
Includes 48mm spots and stripe balls.
2 x 48in two piece pool cues.
Size (H)75, (W)90, (L)195cm.
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That's so cool! I'd be ordering one straight away if I had enough space
not this again....rrp 499 lol
not this again....rrp 499 lol at that price id rather have a decent cond 2nd hand pub/pool one
I love it, just wish I had space for it.
Heat added.
Would look so cool in my pad... but alas, there isn't space
Heat added
It says use Quidco for further savings...what does that mean?
anyone got one? any good?

It says use Quidco for further savings...what does that mean?

Quidco supports Ebay and obtains cashback on the sellers fees. If you enter the Ebay site through Quidco and then purchase the table you will get the cashback. Good Luck...
My 7 year old would love a pool table, just wish i had the room for one, great find heat added x
pal had one of these . . . . . . . cheap and nasty . . . . . IMO . . . . . his had parts hanging off in just 2 weeks!
Would like one of these but nowhere to put it!

Good find.
Eugghh! What a horrible colour!!!
as everyone else has said would get this if had the space
For those that want further information on this pool table: I'd say if it's meant for the kids then go for it as long as they need assistance in potting balls and don't expect to get better by owning one of these tables. If you are a seasoned pool pro then forget it, just steer well clear. Even at £95, which is £20 less than I paid for it a month ago.

It's solid enough and a nice modern design, but firstly the cloth is very thin - if you do buy this for kids then I don't know how long it will be before they rip it and I'm not sure how you'd go about reclothing this as the wood will probably split if you try to take the frame away to replace it - so a repatch job at the very best but because it's so thin it will just look stupid. It is particularly thin around the LED lighting. Secondly, don't bother screwing the speakers in with the foil speaker cases that clip on - they will fall off almost immediately, no matter how cleanly you screw them in - 2 of the speakers are still secure, but they wobble to touch, the rest came off pretty swiftly just by using the table, I haven't even bothered to plug them in to use them at all. But, it would obviously look pretty naff if you didn't put them on at all due to the whopping great holes where they should be - so I'd advise just screwing them in without the foil caps as the screws will go in much better, and further, and the speakers will then be flush with the table - which looks neater and you don't get the big bulky things in your way when you're taking a shot.

The next and biggest drawback of this table is the size (cut) of the middle 2 pockets - they are pathetic in all honesty, you can pot any ball in the middle pocket from anywhere on the table which just shouldn't be possible!! They come out a good inch or so more than they should, so unless you can get hold of some rubber pocket plugs like the ones on pub tables then it's really disappointing, you can literally roll the ball along the cushion and it won't fail to go in the middle pockets, no need for doubles, ever. That is definitely the most annoying part of the table and I'd even say it's a huge design fault, you just cringe even when you pot that way yourself because the angles just shouldn't be possible on a pool table, I've never seen such bizarrely shaped pockets cutting so far into the table in my life!

Lastly, the ball return system is fine, but I'd also have to add that when you pot into the middle pocket and have balls already potted (which are then centred), the balls tend to drop down on top of the other balls (chipping them) and then they roll out over the top of the balls and then out of the table and onto the floor which is a bit annoying!

Also, you get a horrible noise with every shot due to it being cheapo MDF rather than slate and the cushions are not true at all, in fact I think with every shot you hit against the cush, you dent the wood behind it, which then makes any future ball contact with that cushion bounce back at bizarre angles, like you can go to double the ball against the cush and instead it will roll up the table once it hits the cushion, no power shots or breaks!!

Anyway I hope this helps a few people. I can't imagine anyone ever bought one of these at full price, at that price you must be crazy not to opt for a pub table; the slate, cloth, regulation sized pockets etc make it all worthwhile pulling your back out of place by trying to get one into your house.

All in all, the best cheapo table you can buy as long as you're not banking on getting better, but at that price it's still one for the kids.
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Dining table, pool table, dining table...
Just can't make my mind up.

Dining table, pool table, dining table...Just can't make my mind up.

Just for information you can get some really nice pool tables that convert into dining room tables. Not for this price obviously but not ridiculously priced either. If it is only space you are worried about then they could be a good compromise. I have only seen them on the internet and not in real life so maybe they are not as good as they sound. love to hear from somebody who owns one if they are too good to be true.
how much does a roof extension cost?
looks very low to me... surely must be kids sized
this is a poor excuse for a pool table

as everyone else has said would get this if had the space

well im the opposite...i have the space but wouldnt bother

how much does a roof extension cost?

build a an open air lean-to yourself - no planning needed....bolt it concrete and cover when not in use or put an gazebo over it - preferably one that can be enclosed
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