☃  ❅ *Dec 2014* Prague Christmas Market 2 Night Break = £72pp (Price includes Hotel & Flights) Great 4* Star = £181.96 per Couple or Budget Break = £145.96 per Couple @ Travel Republic

☃ ❅ *Dec 2014* Prague Christmas Market 2 Night Break = £72pp (Price includes Hotel & Flights) Great 4* Star = £181.96 per Couple or Budget Break = £145.96 per Couple @ Travel Republic

Found 2nd May 2014
Here is a 2 night break to Prague to visit the fantastic Christmas Markets. I have put together a flight using easyjet whose unweighted cabin bag is ideal for a 2 night stay along with Bed and Breakfast in the 4* Star Hotel Golf Prague which is located less than a km from the Old Town Square. There is a tram stop right outside the hotel which runs every 20 minutes and will take you (using tram number 9) direct to the City Centre, and it carries some great reviews on Trip Advisor

There are some cheaper accommodation options than the one I have put together but I felt this seemed nice with a good location. Be careful when checking out hotels as prague is a large place. Using Travel Republic makes it easier because you can set the distance checker from the city centre.

when you have found a hotel you like make sure you price compare particularly at Alpharooms as they sometimes shave some off the price

Flights iwth Easyjet 3rd - 5th December 204 - £126.96 per couple

Accommodation bookable at Travel Republic - £55 per couple including breakfast for 2 Ngihts.

Total Price for 2 x Adults = £181.96

For those on a tight budget, try the Hostel Homer just £19 per couple for 2 nights (works out at £145.96 per Couple for your 2 nights with flights.

Like I say, the list is endless with accommodation and this is just an example

I hope this helps someone.

Prague Christmas markets » 29th November 2014 - 11th January 2015:

The Prague Christmas markets are open daily at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. A 'winter wonderland' awaits, for visitors to soak up the festive atmosphere, browse the stalls and enjoy Christmas carols, hearty food and hot wine - photos.
Prague Travel Guide Information
Old Town Square in Prague
Christmas Markets 2014
Christmas markets (Vanocni trh) are a key ingredient of the festive magic in the Czech Republic. And the Prague Christmas markets are the country's most impressive, lighting up the city, bringing locals and tourists together to share in the spirit in a 'winter wonderland' setting.

The main Christmas markets are held at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square (5 minutes walk from each other). There is also a smaller market at Republic Square and a permanent one at Havel's Market.

The Prague Christmas markets are open daily, including on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

The markets consist of brightly decorated wooden huts selling traditional handicrafts: glassware, jewellery, embroidered lace, wooden toys, metalware, ceramics, scented candles, Christmas tree ornaments, hats, gloves and scarves, and puppets and dolls beautifully dressed in traditional costumes.

Visitors should find some nice items to take home, to decorate their houses or to use as Christmas gifts.
Prague Christmas Markets

Prague Christmas
But the Christmas markets are not just about shopping. Visitors can also observe traditional foods being made, and sample all manner of local food and drink. Large hams are roasted on spits, there are terribly unhealthy but wonderfully tasty barbequed sausages, and pastries prepared in front of you - try 'Trdelník', a hot sugar coated cake/pastry.

To accompany the food, there are the famous Czech beers Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen and Budvar, and various warm drinks. Outdoor Christmas shopping is so much nicer with a cup of hot mulled wine (svařené víno or svařák) in your hand!

The Christmas markets at the Old Town Square also have an animals stable, where children can stroke sheep, goats and a donkey. And there is a large Bethlehem scene depicting Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the Three Kings in a wooden stable.

Most impressive of all is the Christmas tree, shipped in from the Krkonose mountains in the North of the Czech Republic. It is erected at the Old Town Square and draped in a blaze of lights. The tree is switched on every night around 5pm. Set against Prague's dark gothic skyline, this is truly a spectacular sight.
Old Town Square in Prague

Prague Christmas Markets
Wenceslas Square has its own brightly lit Christmas tree too, which can be admired from all over the square.

And what is Christmas without carols? School choirs often perform late afternoon/early evening on a stage at the Old Town Square. Children travel from all over the Czech Republic and dress in traditional costumes to sing. The trip to Prague can be the highlight of their school year.

The festive atmosphere in Prague throughout December is simply wonderful!

How to make the most of the Christmas Markets
Prague's city centre is compact, which is ideal for pedestrians. Book a hotel anywhere in Prague 1 (city centre) or Prague 2 (fringes of the city centre), and the Christmas markets and the sights and attractions will be within walking distance.

The Prague Christmas Markets are free to enter. By staying in the city centre, whenever you fancy dropping in, you can leave your hotel and be in the midst of the markets in minutes. Grab a drink, soak up the atmosphere, and when you're ready for a warm bath it's just a short walk back to your hotel - Prague hotels

Entertainment & Sightseeing
Aside from the markets, there is plenty of entertainment and sightseeing. In particular we recommend buying a ticket for a classical concert. Over the festive period performances in the city's ancient churches and grand concert halls are magical - Prague concerts.

The opera and ballet season is also in full swing, with performances proving popular at all the Prague opera houses - Prague opera and ballet.

Sightseeing is of course a major reason to visit Prague. The Christmas lights and the festive atmosphere bring the ancient buildings to life at this time of year. A sightseeing tour will help you discover the best of the city. From walking tours to coach tours to river cruises, there is a fun way for everyone to explore
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Heat added. I went for 8 days a few years ago during December. Brilliant time of year to visit one of my favourite cities.
ive been to prague a few times. Cant beat wandering around with a cup of mulled wine.

I know for a fantastic hotel as well.. hotel salvator - it has been renovated since I last went. So not as cheap as it used to be, but you walk out the hotel, turn left, cross the road & your in the centre of town.
Brilliant deal, heat added. Just to add if people fancy a different hotel there are some great deals on Ebay for stays in Prague. Have done it myself 3 times that way & each time was excellent value for money.
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Adore Prague, looking to go back maybe this winter, so will take a look.
Never been, thinking of either here or iceland...
thanks for the helpful info on hotels guys - its always difficult when it comes to the accommodation side as different people like different things and with all the variation at different budgets I just like to try and give an idea

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holiday links can time out very quickly you may need to insert the details into the search box
im gutted i thought I might get a flamedeer for looking at this!
valid for school hols?
Thinking of booking something like this for my son and his gf. So you get two days to shop, the day after you arrive, and the day of departure. But that means you will have to carry your luggage around with you all the second day? Does anyone know if there is somewhere you can store luggage in the town, like you can at big railway stations here?

Also, for those that have been, there is no info here on getting from the airport to the hotel. Does anyone know how far it is, and if there is public transport available, and the cost? Thanks for any help.
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one of my favourite places to visit, especially this time of year. don't forget to head over charles bridge and up to the castle.

¿sɹǝʇɔɐɹɐɥɔ dn ǝsn oʇ slɐǝp ƃuıʇuǝʌuı ʇsnɾ noʎ ǝɹɐ

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