December foot travel trip to ireland for a fiver! @ Stena

December foot travel trip to ireland for a fiver! @ Stena

Found 11th Nov 2014
just came across this - n december, travel from holyhead - dublin on tuesday - thursday and its a fiver return each.

didnt appear to be any catch.

£5 is for TUESDAYS only. £10 for rest of the week.
- pasheast
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Arrive @ 17:05, depart 20:30...
Hardly a shopping trip - you've probably got about an hour in Dublin after you're done mucking about with boarding, departures & taxis.

Might be worth getting 2 return tickets for £15 though
Take this from somebody who has been there and done this ...

It was a lesson well learnt after we ended up having to eat all our meals on the ferry!!

You're the first on the ferry, they load the cargo areas after passengers ... You're the last off the ferry at Ireland. You're like sardines and it's a very slow system we paid 25 euros for the coach to Dublin to spend around an hour there then the same again back to the ferry as you have to be back on it again before you know it!

Maybe worth trying to combine with hotel and buying two!
Thanks OP - got the day trip from Belfast to Glasgow for £10 on 9th December.
2 tickets for hubby & myself £20. (Heat).
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