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Posted 5 December 2022

December Humble Choice: Wasteland 3, GreedFall, First Class Trouble, Backbone (& 4 More) £8.99 @ Humble Bundle

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Full list - 8 games for £8.99:

Humble Choice FAQ - Subscribe and cancel anytime after initial payment.

There might be some first time customers codes that work too like HBCP2022.

(Partially leaked earlier by @billbil-kun on Dealabs).
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    I'm not sure I'll go for this myself as I've already played what seems are the two main headliners but there's some overlap here with other subscriptions here so worth checking your libraries (assuming we get just the base game):

    Wasteland 3 is currently available on Game Pass.

    Greedfall was on: Game Pass (left June 2022), PS+ Essential (available to claim during May 2021), PS+ Extra (left November 2022).
    First Class Trouble was on PS+ Essential (November 2021).
    Backbone was on Game Pass (left October 2022), itch.io (Bundle for Ukraine March 2022).
    TOEM was on PS+ Essential PS5 only (September 2022)
    Where the Water Tastes Like Wine was on Game Pass (left August 2020), Epic Games Freebie (September 2020) (edited)
    Agree, pretty disappointing to get headliners that have already been (or still are) on other services. Pass for me.
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    I bought Wasteland 3 and Greedfall in the last month. You're all welcome.
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    Paused/cancelled subs may have gotten £5 (each) for next two months offer.

    49036813_1.jpg (edited)
    I went for this and it actually comes through as £4 at checkout for 2 months!
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    Just started this last month the Humble thing for Hell Let Loose and Kingdom of Amular. Definitely skipping this month. (edited)
    I just started last month too for the same reason! Am I right in thinking, to skip you just don't select any games or is there a 'skip' option?
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    Wasteland 3 is fantastic
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    Wasteland 3 and Greedfall are good inclusions. Have access to them elsewhere, but having them on Steam and hence Steam Deck means I might actually play them.

    Hope the indie selection is good. Last month's selection was on par with one of those really bad Fanatical bundles. Have never heard of Backbone but the artwork looks v. pretty and it seems well-reviewed, so that seems a good start.
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    The problem with having Gamepass is that it is hard not to skip Humble ... gah
  8. Avatar
    Some solid picks, here. Hope the rest are decent too, but honestly worth it for these four alone, for me.
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    Worth it for Wasteland 3, let alone Greedfall and everything else. Will have to pause though as I own those two already, dang it! Heat added!
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    Even with $4 off it's not worth it for me Skip!

    My hopes are now pinned on Fanatical delivering some interesting bundles for the Xmas season! (edited)
    I have a couple of coupons to use before they expire later in the month so I hope so too.
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    I would definitely take that, hope it's true
    99% certain it will be those games, don't remember billbil-kun getting any of them wrong for a while now.
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    Good games, but the main ones have been on gamepass so i'll be skipping it
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    Decent picks, though I look forward to these *not* being leaked for once.
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    I already have wastelands 3 and have greedfall on PS5 so may give it a miss this month

    No interest in first class trouble (edited)
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    Kind of underwhelming line-up here. I am not denying these are good games but they very much sit in the B-Tier and, as established by others, have been previously available through Game Pass. They would be games to play on Steam Deck, supposing that is your jam, but I personally wouldn't go out of my way to play anything this month. (edited)
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    This is a strong bundle for me compared to the latest ones! Fingers crossed its true
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    Oh man, should have taken that offer after all..
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    Official revealed now (leak was right as expected) and available for purchase. (edited)
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    Just got $4 off this months.

    Wasn't going to bother but for £5.76 I'll take it 🏻
    Did you change your plan from Classic to the current one at some point? I don't see how $4 off gives that amount, I'm still on Classic with $4 off it would be about £6.59 (though I'm still paying directly in USD).
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    Wasteland 3 and Greedfall are good games, well worth playing
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    Nothing for me this month, probably for the best !
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    Great bundle for me!
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    I read this as December's Hobson's Choice incidentally, Hobson's Choice is on Film 4 on Monday 12th December at 11:00am
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    Another pass
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    New to pc gaming (got a steam deck) and I bought the 12 month pass for £76 in November (as a gift code so can redeem it whenever from what I understand) but two straight months now where I will have to pass…
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