Decent Big Branded Wines - £3 Wines at Asda (many of the 3 for £12 stock)
Decent Big Branded Wines - £3 Wines at Asda (many of the 3 for £12 stock)

Decent Big Branded Wines - £3 Wines at Asda (many of the 3 for £12 stock)

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Many of the 3 for £12 wines are now being sold for £3, presumably to clear old stock. The wines are also online meaning its a nationwide deal. Plenty of whites/reds/roses of various origins and big brands


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Note - the wine in the link is just the whites. There seems to be a fair few cold votes, its hard to get a half decent bottle for £3 these days, I'm sure theres a good few decent bottles, if anyone can recomend which are the decent wines it'd make the thread all the better.

I'd recommend the Kiwi Cuvee, Sauvignon Blanc out of the ones on offer

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Wow lots of cold votes yet about 20 wines that are significantly cheaper than anywhere in the UK and would be plenty use to any budget wine drinker, why do we bother posting?

I presume that some of these at least are in store. As you say 400pb some hot deals here. as to the no comment cold voters, I'm afraid that they are always with us these days and as such are not to be taken personally. Pity no rep possible these days or you'd get some from me. So post on please, and voted Hot of course!

Lots in asda bought 24 rosemount shiraz cabernet 2008 vintage. Opened one last night and we liked it.
They have also luis felipe edwards shiraz chile 2009 vintage.This has won 2009 international wine chalenge,Silver. Have not tried it yet but probably is good.Any comments would be appreciated.This should be going super hot,thanks for posting.Where can you buy a half decent bottle of wine for £3.

Hot from me, was really annoyed when they changed their 3 for £10 into a 3 for £12, better stock up now.

cheers great find

Heat from me.

Thanks OP....have some Heat, just as Tossco's seem to have put the price of theirs up too.

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This has won 2009 international wine chalenge,Silver. .

Some awards can be organised by the Wine Companies, and even if they aren't they aren't entirely 'fair'


Controversial article in the Times today discussing the role of wine competitions. Are, as they suggest, just money making schemes for the organisers or 'scrupulously fair' and impartial events that highlight the very best wines available and give un-represented wonders exposure to the market?

Specifically looking at the two UK events - the International Wine Challenge and the World Wine Awards - the first run by Wine International, the latter by Decanter Magazine. It is well known that Wine would have closed years ago if it wasn't for the income generated from the IWC. They are mammoth undertakings - try organising 9,000 different wines, the multitude of tasters, runners and so on. Are they totally fair though? Over the years some surprising wines have been awarded the top accolades; results that were put down, amongst the trade, due to the amount of money spent or special advertising deals, unsubstantiated of course, but widely accepted.

And don't get me started on the printed results - page after page of little tasting notes. Who reads these? I am much more interested in the smaller focused tastings such as the New Wave Spanish Wine Awards and the Top Vin De Pays Awards both organised by Off Licence News.

The Times
"Several of the top wine competitions hand out several thousand types of award, rendering most accolades absolutely worthless, he said, adding that his view was shared by many experts. He said: “Who is benefiting from these awards? It has to be the wine houses who clear their stock, the supermarkets who can drum up sales from promotions, and the companies which organise the competition. I am not convinced the consumer gets anything out of it.”

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We tried the following

Anciano Crianza 2006 - decent red, smooth tanins, dark cherry, a little too oakey tasting too which lets it down and usually an oak taste isn't real oak but oak flavouring or wood chips they put in for flavour. Cracking wine for £3 though

Luis Felipe Edwards Rose - Decent bog standard plonk

Wagon Tree Chenin Blanc - AVOID AVOID AVOID - tasted salty, wine shouldnt taste salty

Just bought a few different ones. Won't be disappointed at 3 dabs a POP;-)

Hot from me i saw this yesterday and got 8 bottles.
Very hard nowadays to get ANY wine at £3 a bottle nevermind any Aussie or S. African stuff.

Terrible wine, had to add cider to them to make them drinkable.

Amazing deal, yes there are some pretty pants wines, but we picked up a bargain for the White Zinfandel Rose (Bolinger i think is what it's called)

£3 a bottle and tastes better than Blossom Hill / Gallo Bottles.

I purchased a few last night to test it out on the BF and a few friends and went down amazingly well. Went back today to purchase 60 bottles. You don't get offers like this every day!

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Went back today to purchase 60 bottles. You don't get offers like this … Went back today to purchase 60 bottles. You don't get offers like this every day!

If you're after that quantity going to Gondola and using the code winesdirect30 allows a £30 discount off a £90 spend, that means you can get Cono Sur wines for around £3 that are maybe a tad bit better than most of the £3 Asda ones

Asda seem to change the range so often who cares what label it has on it, at £3 a bottle its well worth a try.

Great deal, got a load yesterday and they were all good :-\

Great deal, got 19 bottles earlier, and raising a toast for the cold voters...

Have some heat!
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