Decking boards £3.49 @ Wickes was £4.99

Decking boards £3.49 @ Wickes was £4.99

Found 14th Apr 2009
A couple of days ago I saw a fleeting advert for Wickes, 30% off decking. It was about the same time that a deal for B&Q decking was put up, and I was wondering whether to go for the cheaper B&Q option or stick with the Wickes boards.

Now I've finally found online what the adverts were talking about. Its the 2.4m boards, slightly thicker and wider than the B&Q boards, but also slightly more expensive. I daresay someone could argue that its not as good a deal as the B&Q one, and here's a link to that deal if someone missed it;…r-/

Personally I'm going for the Wickes one, purely because of the thicker wider boards.

And before I forget, this only applies to the 2.4m board, the 3.6m and 4.8m boards are normal price.

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