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Akai XR20 Beat Production Station save £110 on this little beauty - £99 @ Decks
Made hot 3rd Jan 2015Made hot 3rd Jan 2015
Over half price on this great piece of kit + free delivery The Akai XR20 is loaded with pro-grade, industrial-strength drum, percussion, bass, synth, sound effects, vocal and inst… Read more


And to think I paid almost a grand for an Akai sampling keyboard in 1987. … And to think I paid almost a grand for an Akai sampling keyboard in 1987. It had 3 seconds sampling time at max 8bit. The samples were stored on proprietary disks which cost around a tenner each. But it was the nuts back then.

If only you'd waited!!


I thought so but getting some cold votes. £110 off free delivery = cold … I thought so but getting some cold votes. £110 off free delivery = cold votes. Crazy :-)

I hear ya!

But that's HUKD for you!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, personally I couldn't GAS whether I get heat for a deal, but I do find it strange that when a 'deal' is posted for say half a cucumber @ 29p and that thread is like an inferno for some reason. Gawd only knows why. Probably due to the amount of innuendo/euphemisms that make folk titter.

Post a deal like yours, where someone could potentially save over £100 and on occasion they go sub-zero. At least you've caught light and started to burn bright.:D

No need for one of these myself, but have some heat from me anyway as anything that saves someone 50% of normal price is always a deal in my eyes.

I think some people just vote cold because it's not for them instead of being neutral. But people will be people.
Edited by: "Ripperoo" 3rd Jan 2015


Or you could just play it smart and get an iMPC. But I guess you guys are … Or you could just play it smart and get an iMPC. But I guess you guys are smarter than silly old me.

Well let's look at this properly. This deal is hardware which was first released in 2008 and is now £99 as you may expect for technology hardware product to drop in price, so this is a fair price for this product. Now let's look at your proposition which is iMPC which is a software product, great it's £4.99, BUT and here's the but it requires hardware to run on, the hardware being an iPad, so this is excellent if you already have an iPad. If you don't have an iPad is it realistically possible to buy one including the cost of iMPC? Sadly no, unless you know a good thief. Silly is in general terms quite relative.

I would add that investing in an iPad offers more in terms of software choice, although these products only work one at a time, so whilst you can adapt the iPad to become various other music devices it can usually only perform that one hardware function at a time.

I think £99 is a reasonable and fair amount for this device. You would have to consider whether a tablet/software combination affords you anything more, that is not so clear.
Edited by: "fishmaster" 3rd Jan 2015

Beat Production Station

For god's sake Akai just call it a bloody drum machine.

I thought this was radio for cottaging alerts
Numark MixMeister Control Software Controller - £99 Delivered @ Decks
Made hot 28th Jan 2011Made hot 28th Jan 2011
The official Numark controller for all versions of MixMeister DJ Software. Released at £359.99 RRP but recently discounted to £159.99 at most DJ Retailers. have it … Read more

It looks horrid

You could use software like Windows Media Encoder to record the output from MM "lite" to various formats which is really easy to do. But as mentioned before the software bundled with the controller is mainly aimed at live performance or practice scenarios.

Studio and fusion are very powerful pieces of great software but you do have to pay a premium to get them.

Scratch that - Live doesn't event export to .wav.

I can confirm it is Fusion Live that comes shipped with it, I've returned mine. Although now I'm wondering if the Live software exported as .WAV file as that would not have been a problem for me! oO
Edited by: "sunil79" 11th Feb 2011

Congratulations on your Purchase of a Mixmeister Live enabled product!

What is MixMeister Fusion Live?
Mixmeister Fusion Live is a special version of Fusion offered free with the Numark Omni, Stealth and Mixmeister Controls. Fusion Live provides you with all the live features needed to start DJing with Mixmeister and is intended to give you an introduction to Fusion.

What is the difference between Fusion Live and Fusion?
Fusion Live does not have the Full features of Fusion such as mp3 export, the included VST library and CD burning. Please consult our product comparison chart for more information and the full list of features.

What can I expect with my Hardware?
Mixmeister Fusion Live will offer you a certain number of tracks you can mix at one time based on the hardware you use:

Stealth Control will unlock two stereo tracks
Omni Control will unlock two stereo tracks
Mixmeister Control will unlock four stereo tracks.
Did you know?
The full version of Fusion will offer you the ability to mix eight tracks concurrently.

Can I upgrade to Fusion?
Yes it is possible to upgrade to Fusion for $145.99 as part of a special promotion with Numark.

How do I upgrade?
To take advantage of our special upgrade offer please contact our Florida Sales Team.
[Toll Free for US residents] +1-888-800-0681
[International Callers] +1-954-761-7550
MixMeister Fusion Live software updates
You can check the version of the product you are using by clicking on the Help menu, and then on About MixMeister. The most recent releases for each product are: