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Posted 3 February 2023

Deep Red - Limited Edition 4K ULTRA HD £22 delivered @ Arrow Films

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Reduced from £35, maybe not the best Argento film, but its supposed to be a spectacular! transfer

From Dario Argento, maestro of the macabre and the man behind some of the greatest excursions in Italian horror (Suspiria, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage), comes Deep Red – the ultimate giallo movie.

One night, musician Marcus Daly (David Hemmings, Blow Up), looking up from the street below, witnesses the brutal axe murder of a woman in her apartment. Racing to the scene, Marcus just manages to miss the perpetrator… or does he? As he takes on the role of amateur sleuth, Marcus finds himself ensnared in a bizarre web of murder and mystery where nothing is what it seems…

Aided by a throbbing score from regular Argento collaborators Goblin, Deep Red (aka Profondo Rosso and The Hatchet Murders) is a hallucinatory fever dream of a giallo punctuated by some of the most astonishing set-pieces the sub-genre has to offer.

Extra Contents

  • New 4K restoration of both the original 127-minute Italian version and the 105-minute export version from the original negative by Arrow Films
  • 4K (2160p) UHD Blu-ray presentations of both versions in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible)
  • Limited edition packaging with reversible sleeve featuring originally and newly commissioned artwork by Obviously Creative
  • Illustrated collector's booklet featuring writing on the film by Alan Jones and Mikel J. Koven, and a new essay by Rachael Nisbet
  • Fold-out double-sided poster featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Obviously Creative
  • Six double-sided, postcard-sized lobby card reproduction artcards
Disc 1 (4k Ultra-HD Blu-ray) – Deep Red: Original Version

  • Restored original lossless mono Italian and English soundtracks*
  • Optional lossless 5.1 Italian soundtrack
  • English subtitles for the Italian soundtrack
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for the English soundtrack
  • New audio commentary by critics Troy Howarth and Nathaniel Thompson
  • Archival audio commentary by Argento expert Thomas Rostock
  • Almost three hours of new interviews with members of the cast and crew, including co-writer/director Dario Argento, actors Macha Méril, Gabriele Lavia, Jacopo Mariani and Lino Capolicchio (Argento's original choice for the role of Marcus Daly), production manager Angelo Iacono, composer Claudio Simonetti, and archival footage of actress Daria Nicolodi
  • Italian trailer
  • Arrow Films 2018 trailer
  • Image galleries
Disc 2 (4k Ultra-hd Blu-ray) – Deep Red: Export Version:

  • Restored original lossless mono English soundtrack
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Archival introduction to the film by Claudio Simonetti of Goblin
  • Profondo Giallo – an archival visual essay by Michael Mackenzie featuring an in-depth appreciation of Deep Red, its themes and its legacy
  • Archival interviews with Dario Argento, Daria Nicolodi, Claudio Simonetti and long-time Argento collaborator Luigi Cozzi
  • US theatrical trailer
  • *The English audio track on this original cut has some portions of English audio missing. English audio for these sections was never recorded for these scenes. As such, they are presented with Italian audio, subtitled in English.
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  1. BloomHerder's avatar
    Still a great film though imo
  2. Bri_W's avatar
    Excellent deal for a lovely set.

    I got all of these Arrow Argento sets. Tenebrae has the best upgrade picture wise I think, but they are all really nice to own if you're into this type of giallo stuff.
  3. themachman's avatar
    Has anyone seen Argento's newest movie, Dark Glasses?
    Just tried looking for it (excuse the pun )
    Only on shudder?
    Stephen_Ensell's avatar
    Looks like you can get it at Amazon Italy, but, not sure it it has English audio
  4. themachman's avatar
    To me, this is Argento's best
    xenophon's avatar
    Yep agree Mach, mine too.
  5. AndyLias's avatar
    Yeah agree widely held as argentos best but its of its time and I think Suspiria and Tenebrae for me are much better films. If you already own the hd digital on apple, check it because mine got upgraded to the 4k a couple of years ago. This is still a lovely set though if you want physical media - heat.
  6. garryallen's avatar
    It might not be the best but it is definitely my favourite Argento. The doll scene gets me every damn time.
    AndyLias's avatar
    I agree the doll scene was really good, I presume that James Wan saw that and thought i'm having that in Saw and everything since (edited)
  7. JimDiGriz's avatar
    Definitely Argento's best. I just dont get on with his other films. And the music is so grooovy!
  8. 2_Dog's avatar
    Is there any live Arrow discount codes?
    Stephen_Ensell's avatar
    Rarewaves has, Arrow Films - 40% Off with Code ARROW40
  9. prankster101's avatar
    I want Prince Of Thieves on 4K... But I'm not paying £30 for it.

    Does anyone know as to how "limited" the 4K release is?
    themachman's avatar
    I always remember the Carpenter, limited editions
    Think they re-released them a year after, after load sod people were paying over a ton for them on eBay
  10. kentyboy's avatar
    I've already got this film too many times. The 4K isn't that much of an upgrade over the last blu ray box set they did in my opinion, so if you've already got the blu then save your cash
  11. Gadgeteer's avatar
    £35 now. Gutted I missed this
's avatar