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Posted 25 November 2022

50% off for 12 months for returning customers £5.99pm @ Deezer

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Deezer £5.99/month for 12 months then £11.99/month for returning customers.
Cancel anytime.
Stream & download music ad-free.

Here's what you'll be getting:

* Offline listening (cause switching to airplane mode feels good sometimes
* Flow, Deezers smart recommendation tool for infinite, personalized mixes (on point every time)
* Song Catcher, for identifying any song playing around you (you better believe singing and humming into your phone works as well)

If you’ve ever had Deezer before and want to join again at half price then login in browser and then click on Get Deal.
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    Or get Tidal for 80p a month.. Via vpn trick (edited)
    Which country's server do you have to sign up for Tidal using the VPN trick?
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    I had deezer premium months ago but kept going weird when listening through my buds plus kept pausing stopping randomly changed to Spotify and didn't have any problems strange I know (edited)
    That’s weird as I had a similar problem with tidal but deezer and Spotify were fine. I solved it by logging out on all devices changing all passwords and was fine after that. Apparently could only have one session open at a time. Drove me mad until I found this out though.
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    Does anyone know if Deezer has Podcasts? And is the software user friendly/ good
    Yes Deezer integrate podcasts right into the user menu:

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    When they say returning customers, they are not only talking about previous Premium members but FREE members as well.

    So I found out when logging into my free account via this link on HUKD.
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    cheers op
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    Aha, just logged in to one of my many, many old accounts and I've been given the offer. I might just pull the trigger and give it a go. I've been trying long enough and I'd never pay full price anyway so I might as well see if i'll get any use out of it (alongside Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal and my own stuff!). (edited)
    Lol you got them all. I got Sotify,YouTube. Had Deezer years ago thinking of trying them again.
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    Argentina YouTube is still cheaper with much bigger selection
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    When using the VPN route can you use the app on your phone or link via Alexa ?
    For the Tidal 53 pence a month via Argentina I used the the Hola browser plug in on pc, you have to be quick and do everything in the correct order.
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    how do you get this offer if you currently got deezer?

    oh and whts tidal like forgot to ask if its work getting (edited)
    Tidal is great for me at only 53 pence a month, I only use it for music in the car with Android Auto since Prime Music became useless, my month free trial is over soon so I am hoping there are no issues billing my Revolut card, it was authorised ok on the Argentinian account though.
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    This deal still works.
    I got a final offer email this morning offering 7.99/m for a year, but I logged in via the link here and it offered me a rejoin at 5.99 for a year. Happy to pay that. Thanks OP