Def Comedy Jam - The Definitive DVD Collection Box Set 14 Discs only £49.99!!!

Def Comedy Jam - The Definitive DVD Collection Box Set 14 Discs only £49.99!!!

Found 1st Oct 2006
Not a show that I am terribly familiar with, but a few offers have been posted before on here, and I know there are a few fans out and about. This is the complete collection of Def Comedy Jam - a boxset containing 14 discs of material!! It is only £49.99 delivered from Benson's World - and the cheapest I can see elsewhere is over £71 so this is a really excellent price. It would make an excellent xmas gift for a fan of the show....

Details: Features over forty uncensored stand-up shows, from the likes of Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and many more...
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Never watched the show either emma but this is a very good price for the 14 disc boxset :thumbsup:
I have seen some vids on goodle video and youtube of Chris Rock's live stand up shows, so I'm assuming this is more of that.

They were really funny though - worth a watch if you're bored.
Def Comedy rocks!

Used to borrow the dvd's off a guy at work and watch them on the psp. Hours were wasted thru work thanks to these.
Thanks emma good price for 14 dvd box set.
To be honest, this is one of the greatest comedy shows that have ever been recorded. Not only Chappelle, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence grazed these stages but it is very very funny. I have each DVD-R copied from a friends and they are a god send. great collection.
Thanks for the comments and the HOT votes guys!! I love a good laugh... :prop:
OOOooooOOOoohhH! Down to £43.45 delivered from ][COLOR=blue]FOXY[/COLOR]!!!

(And there may even be a £2 off voucher in the voucher section!)
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