Defender Chronicles V1.2 - 59p Best Iphone Game 80% off @ Apple

Defender Chronicles V1.2 - 59p Best Iphone Game 80% off @ Apple

Found 19th Jul 2009
Excellent 2d Tower Defence, very good graphics and great fun.…007

New map: Tarnwood.
Introducing the Legendary Sword of Thal Asel and a new enemy worthy of your newfound power.
New potion system (see below).
New building: magic store (unlocked after Tarnwood).
3 new potions: Elixir of Forgetfulness (reset skill), Elixir of Humility (reset heros level), Healing Potion.
Level 2 trade shop access with a bunch of new items.
New secret at Great Library: 2 new in-game soundtracks
Updated info in Bestiaries (both Orc & Human)
Higher initial live and gold for Novice difficulty
Removed item enhancements for Spirit & Cavalry (except Crown). Well restore these once the associated features are in.
Item info will show which heroes are capable to equip it (a new hero will be added in 1.3). We are adding the info now so it can help you to figure out which items you want to keep.
Added back Auto-flip
Adjusted (again) EXP system: linear growth of EXP requirement to allow high level hero and you can get more EXP from longer map.
Morale skill now gives extra token.
Added EXP and level gained in Log Book.
More detailed info for hero (touch the Hero portrait).


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Best iphone game imo except for probably peggle

why is this a hotdeal?

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because its 80% off ?!?!?


Meh. Though it was the REAL Defender :

/Yes, I am that old
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