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Posted 9 August 2022

Defenders Rat and Squirrel Cage Trap (Humane, Easy to Bait and Set, Long-Lasting Galvanised Mesh), Silver, £18.30 @ Amazon

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Caring control of pets & wildlife

3978954_1.jpgCage traps from DefendersReliable, safe, and welfare-friendly Defenders cage traps come with a lifetime promise giving you complete peace of mind.

Rat & Squirrel Cage from DefendersFor quick and secure trapping of nuisance animals.The Rat & Small Animal Cage trap from Defenders is ideal for capture and removal of rats, squirrels and other small sized nuisance animals from indoor and outdoor areas. It has a drop-door activated by a sensitive foot plate behind which bait is placed. The trap is fully assembled and ready to use with a protective hand plate and carrier handle for safe operation.

  • Easy to set cage with positive spring-loaded trigger actions and protective hand plates.
  • Long-lasting galvanised mesh design with external joints and no sharp edges.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Includes lifetime promise.
  • Measures 36 x 14 x 16cm.
  • Fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Part of a comprehensive range of cage traps from Defenders.

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Lifetime PromiseThe lifetime promise on all Defenders' cage traps provides end-users with complete peace of mind.

The traps are designed and built for years of reliable use, with an absolute commitment to animal welfare and user-safety.

With heavy duty galvanised metal, durable moving parts and single-piece mesh construction. Defenders' cage traps are well suited for use inside and out, year after year.

Made WellAll traps are designed and tested by pest-control professionals and use proven spring technology - tested to ensure no loss of power, even after years of use.

Welfare FriendlyUsed correctly, cage traps are a welfare-friendly way to remove nuisance animals from affected areas - both indoors and out - without doing them harm.

External joints mean no sharp edges within the cage and each cage has been designed to allow maximum space for trapped animal. The hand plate also provides a sheltered area to protect trapped animals from the elements.

Safe to useAn efficient open-and-release mechanism on the trap doors allow for quick and easy operation. The strong carry handles with protective hand plate enables safe and secure transportation.

Know the codeWhether trapping birds or animals, we advise users to be mindful of their legal obligations to comply with The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and to ensure that captured animals do not suffer.

  • Position traps away from natural or man-made hazards and areas prone to flooding.
  • It is good practice to check cage traps regularly for catches. Remove traps that can not be regularly checked.
  • Remember: the welfare of all captured animals becomes the responsibility of the captor.
  • For live releases: transport animals at least 3 miles from catch-site and release into a natural environment away from any obvious and immediate risk of danger or predators. Ensure there are adequate sources of food and shelter available nearby.
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    For information, the grey squirrel is an invasive animal, and, as such, itis illegal to release a trapped grey squirrel into the wild or to keep a grey squirrel in captivity. Any grey squirrel caught must be humanely destroyed. Drowning cannot be used as method of control as it is inhumane and can lead to prosecution.
    damn, will have to find something else to do this weekend. Was looking forward to the summer 'squirrel dunk'
  2. Avatar
    with meat prices so high squirrels make a nice alternative to the menu
  3. Avatar
    Sucessfully used this to rid myself of 2 squirrels that had taken up residence in the attic and couldn't be disuaded from chewing everything in sight. Raw sweetcorn bait. Took 24hrs to catch them. Great value traps, if a bit fiddly to set up. Up close and cornered, squirrels are madly violent and sure ain't cute and cuddly.
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    These things aren't humane at all. There was a study done in 2003 on tagged rats which were released into the wild over a mile from the point of capture. They died, and showed distress, as they were being released away from their known area and family group. In fact, releasing a distance away from capture could be deemed an offence as inhumane. Releasing near capture solves nothing as they re-infest the same place. If you have an infestation of rats, you absolutely have to deal with it. Rats and mice are both vectors for some extremely nasty diseases. If you can't face up to eradicating them yoursef, get a professional in to do it.

    I hate killing anything, but rodent infestation has to be dealt with for health reasons.
    I have captured numerous mice and one rat over the past year (they are attracted by spilled food in my chicken run). I always release them in a large wooded area, away from other houses, about three miles away. I leave them with a couple of days of food and near a water source. This gives them a couple of days to re-orientate and, hopefully, get used to their new environment. Whilst I get that it may have been distressing for the rats in the study, I would argue that killing them without giving them the chance to live in a more appropriate environment is also inhumane.
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    Thx OP, got a warehouse priced one.
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    10269321901660062657.jpg (edited)
  7. Avatar
    They can be a real nuisance, I had one in my loft a few months ago. Managed to block off access but it still goes scrambling across to roof from time to time.
  8. Avatar
    Can these used on cats?? (Jokes btw, tho they are horrible buggers)
    Preferably used on dogs
  9. Avatar
    I had this one. Hedgehog went in and couldn’t get out. Had to cut off the fixed end with the poor guy still inside. Seemed to waddle off ok after a rest. But I’d avoid these types outside in the future
  10. Avatar
    Lots of vids on YT showing how to kill rats without using poison or traps......baking soda is cheaper too.
  11. Avatar
    To catch rodents suggest peanut butter on a victor snap trap. Wear gloves when setting and place near activity