Defold - Free Game Engine for 2D Games

Defold - Free Game Engine for 2D Games

Found 20th Mar 2016
Defold is a game engine used to develop 2D games for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and HTML5 (Web). The Defold engine and editor with full functionality is completely free of charge. There are no hidden costs, fees or royalties. You will need a Google account to download and use this.
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most engines will be free now since unreal made their engine, very smart move by unreal
Eh, kinda surprised to see this here.
This is a 2D game engine developed by (Candy Crush Saga etc) which they use for their own games.
It's well supported and well documented, plus King is fairly huge, so it's unlikely engine's support gonna get abandoned anytime soon.
Usually to make games etc for iOS you need to use a Mac - will this engine allow me to create games etc using a Windows PC for iOS? Thank you
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