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Get A Degustabox For Only £7.99 @ Degustabox (£4.56 via TCB)
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Here's how to get a Degustabox for only £4.56! (y) 1. Go to this TCB link and click 'Get Cashback Now', there should be an offer for £3.43 cashback on your first box. 2. On th… Read more
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I've had these twice. Not bad really, it's quite good to get a surprise box of things. The only things I didn't ever use were a couple of bottles of something alcoholic which had spices in it or something and some cans of beans ( not the baked kind ) It's not worth full price, but probably worth a go at this price.


It should be ok as I have used discount codes in the past and still got the cashback. However, I suppose there is still a small risk.


TCB does not allow the use of discount codes.


do not forget to unsubscribe for the next month (popcorn)


Probably just get a load of junk which will sit in a cupboard for years

Degusta box get the latest products every month delivered to your door £12.99 per month
Found 25th Jun 2017Found 25th Jun 2017
Degusta box get the latest products every month delivered to your door £12.99 per month
for 12.99 per month first box £7 off or £11.99 each for 3 month use 3X2BOXES for the 3rd one free. cancel anytime each month before 9th boxes delivered 15th of each month. on av… Read more
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Normally they have an offer to try it for free or £1. It was free when I tried it. Definitely not worth £12.99 easy to cancel your next box though.


Seems that nothing much has changed then, except that you suggest there is more healthy stuff? It's the interesting and healthy stuff that I'm more interested in - not Bisto and Oxo products which they had back in 2013. :) I stayed with Flavourly which was great until they decided they could make more money from the growing Gin market and stopped their food offering. :(


Not much has changed then,. Icanceled my subscription this month, a lot of the items were very meh. Last month a got a box of flour, the month before some Muesli. The pricing is very unrealistic on the leaflet, I was getting a few items I hadn't tried or hadn't heard of. Alot of healthy stuff too, which takes the fun out of it a Little.


That's because they are a Spanish company and have chosen not to change the name to suit the market. For the Spanish and the French, that's a good name but for us it's degusting! lol


Fasinating that they appear to have re-launched Degustabox. I originally signed up in 2013 (not a typo) and the products supplied were, to say the least, poor value for money. It was a good idea poorly executed. Seems that they have been able to change their business model to offer more value than the cost of the subscription and that should make things much better. For myself, I wonder if there will be any products that are new to the market because last time it appeared that there were only things that you could find very easily in your normal supermarket. I note that it's still being run by a Spanish company based in Barcelona and I have to say that back in 2013 their customer service was very good. Methinks I shall have to give them another trial. :)

degusta first box deal with £2.53 TCB for first box purchase
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
degusta first box deal with £2.53 TCB for first box purchase
I've just signed up for one of these as it's advertised at a special offer of £5.99 for December (normal price £12.99 monthly) but I used TCB and got £2.53 TCB meaning the box is £… Read more
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I gave it a whirl, thanks


It says you have to cancel online and can't do over the phone. I am sure I will get texts etc but it's worth it. This is much better than anything I'd have chosen for a little treat for people using the food bank. I'm happy my £3 odd is well spent!


I cancelled mine online with no problems but there was a deal a few months ago when they were free.


That's ok, I will manage it. Hello Fresh tried that jazz with me. I won. Plus I will use the work phone :P

FREE DEGUSTABOX with discount and cashback
Found 12th Oct 2016Found 12th Oct 2016
FREE DEGUSTABOX with discount and cashback
Go to Quidco and get a FREE Degustabox. It will give you a discount code to get your box for 4.99 then Quidco will give you the 4.99 in cashback.… Read more
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I suppose you're paying under £1 per item if everything in the box is over £1 at the supermarket it's worth it, great if you like surprises & can put up with getting stuff you might hate sometimes Seems rather strange premises to me but there you go, at least if you're buying the reviews are more impartial


Sounds odd. After the, possible, free one - you pay to receive a box of unknown items which they want reviews for! I would of thought that the sites that offer free items in return for a review will be desireable. Wow!


for the first box only


I've added heat. No idea what is though :D

£12.99 Degustabox For £5.99 Delivered.
Found 9th Jul 2016Found 9th Jul 2016
£12.99 Degustabox For £5.99 Delivered.
Enter your email address to receive your code to enable you to get it for £5.99 instead of £20
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I kind of like the items in it, certainly worth £5.99 (or less if TCB/Quidco comes back). Think my freebie was Kallo chocolate rice cakes, which considering we're all on diets, is OK. Sarsons balsamic vinegar, odd but usable Swedish sliced pickles, OK then Seaweed - decidedly odd, but OK Weird aloe vera drink, looks like it's got snot in it! 2 cans of fizzy something, OK Chocky biscuits, yum Some posh chocolates that look nice Big bag of Jordans muesli, not cheap A cucumber drink, not for me ta, but wife may try oh and a bag of Rowntree's pastilles (nice new mixed flavours) Not a bad selection certainly, and worth the punt.


Box arrived today. As I thought, I wouldn't go out of the way to buy any of it. Subscription cancelled.


It's not a £20 box. It's a box priced at £12.99.


Quidco deal is good about £1 :)


Interesting. But things no sane person would buy in a million years. Certainly not for £12.99 a month. Think we'll give it a go.

First box free. Degusta surprise food box.
Found 9th Apr 2016Found 9th Apr 2016
First box free. Degusta surprise food box.
Get your first box for free. Normally £12.99 per month. Cancel after first delivery if you don't want to continue. They send you a box of free new / interesting food. Code freebox

I always say you don't know unless you try, worst they can say is no, then you just cancel anyway... Admitedly they might not be so eager after just giving away one free but I actually ordered two and on the second one I only got a half price deal so maybe on that account they could be persuaded, after all surely a modest profit and the possibility of more business in coming months is better than none at all, which is what they get when you cancel. After all with a name like that I can't imagine they are too popular outside of free boxes and specials. ;)


Half price?! You understand the concept of businesses having to make money right? They'd never agree to that!


Sent the email at 7:29am and got the reply at 8:52 am so was pretty speedy


Has anyone tried negotiating instead of just outright cancelling? I was quite pleasantly surprised with it. I wouldn't pay £13 for it but if they would do another one for around half price I'd be more than happy to leave my sub open. I'd certainly give them the chance to offer a discount before cancelling, though if it's a case of £13 or cancel I'd have to cancel...


How long did you have to wait before you received that? I cancelled earlier today.