Del Monte 100% Orange Juice Lollies 3 x 75ml for £1 @ Asda Instore + Online

Del Monte 100% Orange Juice Lollies 3 x 75ml for £1 @ Asda Instore + Online

Found 5th Sep 2015
Cheapest around:
Tesco £2.00 or any 2 for £3.00
Sainsbury £2.00
Morrisons £1.99
Waitrose £2.00 or any 2 for £3.00

1 lolly = 1 portion of fruit 5 a day. Suitable for vegetarians. (Only 69kcal each lolly)

Concentrated Orange Juice (82.5%) , Concentrated Grape Juice (9.5%) , Concentrated Apple Juice (8%) .
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That is a good price, and they are really refreshing.good find
Love these, got some yesterday (was surprised at price). Same price at Farmfoods
Used to buy these, lovely ice lollies (esp. their rare counterparts, the 100% Pineapple variety! These seem to be restricted to Morrisons around here, 2 packs for £3)

Then I stumbled across silicone moulds for the freezer, 4 for less than a fiver in Sainsburys (although down in price now summer has gone) - think Calippo style moulds. They hold 50ml of liquid, so a bit less, but you can get 3 x 1l bottles of fresh, not concentrated Orange juice/Pineapple juice etc from Tesco for £3.50 - so that's 60 ice lollies.

Nothing against this deal, these were my go to ice lollies for the kids, still plenty of sugar but at least it was natural sugar and not added....but I can totally vouch for making your own at a fraction of the cost (and no concentrated juice either!).
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The man from Del Monte he says Yesssssss X)
Was just going to say the same price at farmfoods before I read it above. Farmfoods also has the retro R Whites Lemonade ones too for a pound.
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