Del Monte  Smoothie Ice Lollies £1.15 @ Waitrose

Del Monte Smoothie Ice Lollies £1.15 @ Waitrose

Found 23rd Jun 2010
Just been to my local Waitrose and they have Del Monte Smoothie Ice Lollies at half price.
I think it was £1.15 for three, they were certainly half-price. (I bought raspberry, not sure if there were other flavours)

Anyway, normally I wouldn't post something so trivial, but hells bells, they are delicious.

If you've got a Waitrose nearby, a few packs of these for hot summer days will be some of the best money you spend this year.


£1 in Sainsburys, or at least they were last week (as posted on here). Very nice they are too. :thumbsup:

ps Mango flavour too.

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OK, thanks for that. Shall look out for the mango ones.

It's not really about the great price, just about how very good they are.

yes these are a classic pound line to be honest

these are awesome its a smoothie frozen on a stick plain and simple. both are nice tho i prefer the rasberry ones
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