Delete - Gamestation's site lied :(
Delete - Gamestation's site lied :(

Delete - Gamestation's site lied :(

Originally it displayed Midnight club as today's deal, now it's changed to facebreaker and that isnt even a good deal.

Please delete.


Try play.com and amazon.

May still be able to get it 17.99 xbox360 and ps3. Or try old mega monday sale link on previous posts.

Been refreshing GameStation since 12 and still showing Fracture as the daily deal... Ah, they just haven't changed the image, ahwell.

Bought Midnight Club from play at £17.99 so not overly bothered today, disappointed again I guess it's still the cheapest there is at the moment...

It's not on Play.com at the moment blanka, must have ran out again.

Forgot to say, heat added anyway!

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Only version on the play link is PSP for £25, and i checked amazon before posting this, it's gone back up to £35 for the PS3 there and £46.59??? for the xbox.

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Here's direct links to the items until they sort out the advent page, the page updated to midnight club for about a minute, then went back to fracture for some reason

Xbox 360: gamestation.co.uk/Xbo…es/
PS3 gamestation.co.uk/PS3…es/
PSP gamestation.co.uk/PSP…ix/

yeah its gone again. Think game is good as well for deals. Ill have a look......

Surely, by the laws of averages, they must have a game on that I want at some point

Great game!

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Damnit, sorry guys their site lied to me. This game is now showing as £29 and today's deal is for facebreaker
(Ive seen facebreaker cheaper elsewhere too, going to change the title of this and expire it)
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