Delias frugal food book only £3.99 @ whsmith
Delias frugal food book only £3.99 @ whsmith

Delias frugal food book only £3.99 @ whsmith

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At a time when money worries are front-page news, Britain's most trusted cook, Delia Smith, is once again on hand with a wide range of tasty recipes that are cheap and easy to prepare. Being frugal can be fun once you've learned a few simple tricks, among them: / buying fresh produce when it's in season / replacing more expensive ingredients with humbler alternatives / experimenting with different cuts of meat / being creative with leftovers. Thirty years on, the message of Delia's Frugal Food has never seemed more relevant. With some 170 recipes, from luxury soups to paupers' puddings, this new illustrated edition shows you how to eat well without having to spend a fortune. Chapters include: / The Cheap Charter / Luxury Soups / Eggs and Us / Frugal Fish / Chicken's Lib / Forequarter Front / Offal - But I Like You / Bangers Are Beautiful / Cook for Victory / Go with the Grain / Who Needs Meat? / Quickening Pulses / Back to Baking / Pauper's Puddings


On the ball Norwich,
Never mind that gloopy porridge,
Steady on with those sticky mince pies,
I may even show you how to open a tin of mustard or even boil an egg if you can afford one!
Lets be 'aving yoooooooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!

Apologies for the remark above.. mustard hasn't been served in tins since the 1950s! You could open an ole tin, but I wouldn't risk spreading the contents over a corned beef sandwich and eating it.

The 'Delia' bible has brought so many recidivists into the kitchen over the years (of whom I am one, and the guy who gave me it is another) that the woman should be canonised.

She's probably nearer to Mrs Beaton than 'the cutting edge' these days. But as the OP suggests, a bit of Old Skool might not go amiss in this day and age. At £3.99 - got to be hot - shame its WHS.

I can't watch the woman
Have you seen her hands? They look like the hands of a corpse.
I never noticed until O.H pointed it out,now I can't help but look.
Not seen the book but Delias recipes are always tried and tested unlike a lot of other books on the market.

Says £4.49 now, but still a good price.

Truly offal recipes!

Wow, a good deal from WHSmiths...never thought id see the day...........
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