Delight Mobile - low prices for data, SMS and calls
Delight Mobile - low prices for data, SMS and calls

Delight Mobile - low prices for data, SMS and calls

Save money by switching to Delight today!

Now you can enjoy fantastic low prices for data, SMS and calls. What’s not to smile about? Delight 123 means it costs just 1p per MB data, 2p per SMS and 3p per minute on landline & mobile calls to any UK network.

No contract or hidden charges — take advantage now. Just order your free Delight SIM, and start smiling. Top up online or in store.

Top up expires every three months though but could be good for some light users!

Better than 1p mobile.com where credit expires every month making it the same as monthly really


three have been doing this deal over a year now..plus it's 4g

I didn't realise the top up expires every three months, I put my mum and Dad on this and wondered where the credit had gone

sometimes their online top up fails but they still take your money.

I set this up for my father - he's got a basic phone and 3 won't run on a 2g phone

Delight throttle the data speeds and it's often impossible to make a call even though using an EE sim in the same area works perfectly.
Delight also have incredibly useless customer service - I had no service at all for three weeks, they lost my number and I never got it back!

I have 2 delight sims. registered them both online. but now when I go on there it says not exist. however I have never topped up. it is free free calls and texts within delight.
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