Deliverance: 35th Anniversary: Special Edition (2 Disc DVD) £3.99 + Free Delivery @ Play
Deliverance: 35th Anniversary: Special Edition (2 Disc DVD) £3.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

Deliverance: 35th Anniversary: Special Edition (2 Disc DVD) £3.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Director John Boorman's adaptation of James Dickey's best-selling novel stars Burt Reynolds as the hypermasculine Lewis Medlock. Obsessed with Hemingway-vintage notions about achieving true masculinity by challenging nature, Lewis cajoles three of his friends, Bobby Trippe (Ned Beatty), Drew Ballinger (Ronny Cox), and Ed Gentry (Jon Voight), into joining him on a white-water canoe trip down an uncharted river in the Appalachians, although only Ed has had any similar experience. The locals that Lewis hires to drive their cars downstream warn him about the difficulty of the journey, but this only makes him more eager to start. The first day goes smoothly as the men learn how to shoot the rapids, and all are exhilarated. On the second day, Ed and Bobby become separated from the other two and reach the landing point ahead of them. Two hillbillies suddenly appear from the forest and decide to hold the two men at gunpoint as the trip begins its tragic downward spiral. Reynolds has one of the best roles of his career in this compelling meditation on the costs of masculine ritual; the film boasts a superb cast as well as the subtle camerawork of the great Vilmos Zsigmond.

Double Disc Set - Special Features
Audio Commentary By Director John Boorman
Deliverance: The Beginning: Take a historical look at the novel and its adaptation to the screen
Deliverance: The Journey: From the early stages of filming to the creation of classic moments, such as the Dueling Banjos scene
Deliverance: Betraying the River: The making of one of the most controversial and ground-breaking sequences in film history
Deliverance: Delivered: A reflective look back on the completion of the film, its impact and how the idea for the shocking ending came to be
The Dangerous World of Deliverance: The original behind-the-scenes documentary on the difficult conditions and challenges of making this film
Theatrical trailer
Widescreen 2.40:1 Anamorphic
Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages - English
Region 2 / PAL / Colour
Running Time 104 Minutes

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Voted hot quality film


This price is enough to make you squeal like a pig.


Squeal like a piggy ...........

Great film Andy, voted hot not as hot as your lingerie deals though

you sure got a pretty mouth

Banjo time boys

Classic film, shame they mimed the banjo scene, the real stars were Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs

Top film, it gets even better evey time i see it, i thats possible!

A true Burtster Classic, voted hot!

Another great find - many thanks h and r added

The man himself , awesome film , a classic that everyone must see at least once.

Brilliant film. I already have it but anyone who doesn't have this in their DVD collection should take advantage of this offer.

"Well come on now, Chubby..."
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