Dell 21.5in ST2220M UK Full HD WLED Widescreen Monitor - £34.25 (inc. Quidco)

Dell 21.5in ST2220M UK Full HD WLED Widescreen Monitor - £34.25 (inc. Quidco)

Found 16th Jun 2011
This is my first post so please be gentle. Also, pay attention!

The price of the monitor is £115.83 inc delivery.
Minus 10% quidco cashback - £104.25.
Minus the £60 cashback from Dell Reward and Recycle ( - £44.25
Minus the £10 they will give you towards posting your old monitor - £34.25.

I appreciate that £34.25 is the best possible price, considering you'd either have to post it for free (plausable if you work for the right company) or deliver it yourself, however even then it shouldn't cost you more than a few pounds.

Enjoy and get there quick. I bought two of these a couple of weeks ago and they went out of stock pretty quickly!

Right ok I was daft and looking at the business site...…spx?c=uk&l=en&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1&sku=446773&baynote_bnrank=0&baynote_irrank=1&~ck=dellSearch

Monitor: £139 inc VAT and delivery
Minus quidco (-10% before VAT): £127.88
Minus £60 cashback: £67.88
Minus £10 delivery £57.88.

That's still not a bad price!!!


The price £115.83 is not included VAT & delivery.
£155.80 is the total price inc. VAT & delivery.
Quidco is 10% before VAT, so it's £11.58
After £60 cashback, the net cost should be £155.80 - £11.58 - £60 = £84.22.

This will be different if we have free delivery code.

EXPIRED because this deal does not exist as stated.
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