Posted 10 January 2023

Dell 27 Monitor: S2721HN FullHD/75Hz/IPS/300nits/Tilt/VESA Mounting £119.58 delivered, using code @ Dell

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About this deal

Back again at a lower price when the code is used:

Designed to fit one lifestyle: yours

Beautiful look:
Modern, elegant design with a subtle textured pattern at the back of the monitor has its own unique look. It brings the feeling of a harmonious blend of great style and quality into every living space.

Seamless switching: Built-in dual HDMI ports keep your devices always plugged in and let you effortlessly switch between streaming and console gaming.

Keep everything in order: Stay organized between applications, emails and windows on one screen using Dell EasyArrange.

Connectivity OptionsPorts & Slots
1. Security-lock slot | 2. Power connector | 3. HDMI 1.4 ports | 4. Audio line-out port

Cables Included
1. Power Cable | 2. HDMI Cable

Response Time 4 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)

Brightness 300 cd/m²

Adaptive-Sync Technology AMD FreeSync

Horizontal Viewing Angle 178°
Vertical Viewing Angle 178°

  • Display Position Adjustments
  • Tilt Angle -5/+21
  • VESA Mounting Interface 100 x 100 mm

Dell More details at Dell

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    Yikes. 27" but 1080p? Stuff is gonna seem huge on that display. Not sure I'd go above 23/24" on a 1080p resolution.
    The 27 inch 1080p brigade is here early it's absolutely fine and you can just change the size of the text in windows, yes it's noticeable but it's perfectly usable for the budget.
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    £116.99 if anyone has access to student codes
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    Has anyone seen any discounts for other Dell monitors? I'm looking at the P3223QE (32", 4K); I'm looking for key features like power delivery over USB-C, ideally with USB hub; 4k, and for productivity work rather than gaming.
    If you work for a company that may have purchased Dell screens in the past, you can try and sign up with your work email address here for unique discount codes: webapp.dell.epsilon.com/EME…=en

    I got these and they stack on top of existing discounts:

    I think it's the same if you can get hold of a student email. (edited)
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    Horrible monitor. Full HD on anything bigger than 24 inch (even that is pushing it these days) looks HORRIBLE. You are buying literal headaches. People will vote hot because it's branded, but don't get fooled. Better spend the same money or slightly more on a no-name Chinese one from Amazon that will have higher resolution. They are all manufactured in the same place anyway. (edited)
    Id advise the opposite personally, when you are in budget territory having the quality of a known brand is more important.
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    I ordered this yesterday afternoon, the delivery was stated to be for today. Overnight this changed to Monday 16th January, after I'd arranged yesterday to be at home today. Dell's chat system was supposedly working this morning, yet each time that I entered all of the details and submitted them I was informed that the chat wasn't operating. I did this during the hours that it was supposed to be available, they only promise to reply to emails in a 24 hr window. It is impossible to be at home on Monday, notifying Dell of this fact gets no response.

    I've got/had lots of Dell items and found them to be reliable. But I won't be ordering again from a company that takes my money, tells me that it will be delivered the next day and then on the 'delivery' day informs me that they are waiting for a part for it. Scammers.

    I hope other would be purchasers take heed of this. I have screenshots to show what I claim, but won't post them here as they show other details that I'd rather not post online.
    After getting on Dells back they have somehow come up with the missing part and the monitor is apparently out for delivery as of this moment. The changes have all happened overnight, so I wasn't aware until waking up this morning. The complete disregard for the customers ability to be at the delivery address at such short notice is what really gets me. Sure, I appreciate them finding the missing part and delivering sooner than previously expected. Its the delivery person that is most likely to get it in the neck from some over issues like this, while the large corporation makes even more money, leaving the 'little people' to stress.
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    I checked and that code does work with the other variations of this model: so you can choose xxxxH (audio, tilt only) or xxxHN (no audio, tilt only) or HS (no audio, tilt+height adjust)
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    I have this monitor as my 'cheap' WFH 2nd monitor and have been using it for 2 years, mine is identical just with the display port and HDMI inputs instead at 27" size. The resolution is fine for office work, put it side by side with a LG 27" 4K display (My other monitor) and you will see the pixels (Too be expected) but more then good enough for WFH office use. The stand is well designed and the build quality is good and it has slim bezels. (edited)
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    I know the PS5 is compatible at 120hz 1440p/4k. However, seeing as this is as good as it gets specs wise for £120 price range.

    Would this be okay to use as a budget gaming monitor with a PS5?
    It will work but better off getting a 4K one. Keep waiting!
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    I've got Dell SE27119H and looking for a second monitor. Would this look any different as a dual monitor setup?
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    We purchased this in Boxing Day sales from Dell, paid £116.99 with code. It arrived next day. Pleased with purchase so far, thought it was great value although we don’t use for gaming.
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    I'm looking for a 24 or 27 or 32 monitor for my son to plug his basic small screen laptop in to for home work and tinkering, plus a bit of Roblox/Minecraft but he's also got an Xbox series S in his room which would be nice to bring downstairs from time to time so we can game together in the same room. I don't have a particular budget but don't want to spend more then I have to.

    Would this fit the bill for us? All the letters and specs mean nothing to me and I don't know what I need 😬
    Hate to say but you probably both need to go see something of similar specs in the flesh. I don't think I'd go for 1080p in this size for productive work, but think it's ripe for gaming, especially console where you aren't sat 50cm away from screen. Means less load on the gpu and can still look great.

    For homework it's probably fine too, but a bit big for the resolution for certain things.

    Is it good enough? Maybe. Sorry.. I think if you see it in the flesh and see some text and video on it, you'll know if it's something that would bother you.

    Also I suspect being younger it's more noticeable rather than less, so something to bear in mind. (edited)
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    27"UHD for about the same price?
    Cummon'. Share the wisdom.
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    Good sized monitor, would have bought it had I not got the Samsung cashback offer on the 32' curved gaming monitor for £300