Dell 7 Days of Easter Deals back!

Dell 7 Days of Easter Deals back!

Found 19th Mar 2008
It's back, the amazing '"7 days of easter" promotion, where there are some real bargains to be had.

I got myself an E228WFP monitor on one of the deal days last year for £100 less than it's been ever since. Even the occasional Dell promotions afterwards never had that monitor anywhere near the price I paid! (They've now lowered the price on that monitor BTW, but I did get a real bargain for almost a year..)

Just keep checking each day - the deals change, some days are 'bad', some are 'good'!…spx?c=uk&cs=ukdhs1&l=en&s=dhs&~ck=mn

It's accessible from here by clicking on the banner, but I think the actual Deal page is Flash only


Is it possible to post what the deals are as the flash pages dont show up on my work computer.

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I think it's Flash only - I've tried putting a link to the main 'Accessories' page at Dell, if you click on the banner it'll take you to the deals page, but this is Flash (with easter eggs dropping from the sky etc).

I'm hoping the 24" monitor is at some crazy price on one of the days this year.

Dell SE198WFP 19-inch Widescreen LCD Flat Panel Monitor (Artic Silver, TCO'99) - £126 (Manufacturer Part : 857-10180 | Dell Part : 100801)

Logitech cordless laser mouse - £47 (Manufacturer Part : 570-10373 | Dell Part : 570-10373)

1 pretty poor offer today (monitor), and 1 decent offer (mouse) if you ask me.

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People on here are so fussy!

I've been on the net since '89, and shopped for years and years, and by an absolute country mile the best deal I've ever taken advantage of was that 22" monitor last year down from £298 to £194 - doesn't sound much, but it was a genuine sale, cos it went straight back up to £298 the next day and only in the past few weeks has the default price come down to what I paid a year ago...

I for one will be checking the deals each day cos there may be something similar..

Of course, this year's Easter deals might all be pants ;-)

Whats fussy about saying £126 for a 19" monitor is not a great deal? You can get a 22" monitor for about £15 more now.

our company just returned about 400 of those 19" widescreen tfts a few weeks ago as they were sent in error (the normal 19" model was ordered).

Wondering how they were gonna get rid of them all!
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