Dell Desktop PC  Intel i3, 8gb Ram, 1 TB HDD - £319 @  Dell

Dell Desktop PC Intel i3, 8gb Ram, 1 TB HDD - £319 @ Dell

Found 12th Dec 2014
Deal is great at it also includes free shipping (saving £20) and a further discount of £80, this is all ready to be delivered before Christmas too.
This is a well speced machine with the latested 4th gen processor @ 3.5ghz, + keyboard/ mice, Wireless network card + bluetooth also with DVD-RW drive. check the full spec out on via the link provided.…top


no link?


no link?

dell links never seem to work - go to 'day of deals' on the provided link and you should see it there for £319

looks a good deal and if a vip member another 10%.
free to setup account...

I thought this was the usual sort of price for their i3 desktop but could be mistaken, anyway it's a decent enough desktop except for the gamers and fussy b*ggers that are on here

It's Dell E-Value Code: cd84702

if you chuck a decent video card at it . them games should be fine. ..

well most that everyone would use...

and mine craft without....

Pretty standard price for a lowish i3 system. The power supply will not take more than a lowish graphics card. not bad but not great.

Would I be able to put a decent gpu in this and have a rather good gaming pc? I was thinking of replacing the psu and putting in a r9 280

got mine for 288... good pc esp with os bundled in.
8g and 1tb drive all in a standard case.
so almost anything fits in it.
very quiet as well.
was going to get the mini desktop from laptops direct that keeps being posted .. this has same cpu double mem and double had got an extra 50....
so really good deal..

psu should take a good graphics card.. but if want to go top end probably would not have spent 288 on pc in first place...
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