Dell Dimension 9200 Desktop system 19"TFT, Core2Duo 2.13Ghz, 2gig ram, 320Gb h/d, 256 Graphics £621

Dell Dimension 9200 Desktop system 19"TFT, Core2Duo 2.13Ghz, 2gig ram, 320Gb h/d, 256 Graphics £621

Found 30th Nov 2006
edit: price check 16 dec £621.57

A new ecode this week is this nice looking 9200 desktop system.

Reduce the warranty to minimum and buy via Quidco for further cashback savings

305-D12921a - £621.57 or less delivered
Intel® Core 2 Duo E6400 Processor (2.13GHz, 1066MHz, 2MB)
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition (Incl Operating System Re-installation CD)
Dell 19" Value Flat Panel (E197FP)
2048MB Dual Channel DDR2 533MHz [2x1024] Memory
320GB Serial ATA RAID 0 Stripe [2x160GB 7200rpm drives with DataBurst cache]
16x DVD +/- RW Drive
256MB ATI® Radeon® X1300 Pro PCI Express graphics card
Integrated Audio with Dolby Digital 7.1 capability
Mouse Included in Wireless Keyboard and Mouse option
Microsoft® Works 8 - English


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Recommended upgrades:Dell™ 19" UltraSharp™ Digital/Analogue Flat Panel (1907FP) add £41

[SIZE=2]Anyone have any opinions on this one? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]From what I can see, it compares well against the Aldi (Medion) PC with bigger Memory, faster CPU, possibly a better Graphics card and obviously comes with a 19" TFT. I know its a higher price, but you could probably get £100 back for the monitor bringing it to a reasonable price.[/SIZE]

Good machine for the price, nice memory and HD. Graphics card is a bit below par though and the upgrade is silly money - shame there is no middle ground for updating it in their spec. :thinking:


...possibly a better Graphics card...

From a gaming perspective and, to more or less of an extent, video decoding capabilities, the ATI X1300 is inferior to the Nvidia 7650GS by a decent margin.

See this chart...…tml

If all you're going to do is office apps and net surfing then the ATI X1300 is going to be just fine. However, if you're going for something more ambitious then the Nvidia 7650GS is a much better choice.

Personally, I'd go with this Dell, take the ATI card out (=no more warranty though) eBay the card and get a better one

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Dell will be quite happy to serve the warranty out with you providing you keep the video card and put it back if needed for a warranty claim. They even show you how to upgrade their kit in the online manuals!

^^^ Then that makes this Dell deal a definite no-brainer then, grab it while it's hot

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Dont forget Quidco ;-)

What about the lower cost AMD which is also mentioned on the Forum... any thoughts on that?

I know the spec is slightly lower but still seems a good deal.

I bought this system about a month ago and am very pleased with it. It only had 1gb ram when I got it so i had to spend another £50 for another gig but it was worth it.

It mulititasks brilliantly and is almost silent quite good looking as well if your into that sort of thing !!!

karl.pestell I too sold the monitor on ebay and got £150 plus a tenner postage, with christmas near by you should achieve the same easily people just like the Dell brand.

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I must say I'm a little suprised there are only 10 comments so far in this thread, this really is a very good offer and it gets even better when you see that after Quidco its under £600.
If you dont need the monitor and manage to sell as ukgatecrasher1 did then it really is a fantastic deal.

Oh well....guess people aren't feeling very chatty today.

It is a very good deal Thanks as usual Mike ;-)

What are the chances of seeing these drop in price even further in January though...obviously with PC's, prices do drop in the space of a month, but Dell usually have some stupidly good bargains after Christmas.

Still a nice price though

Massive RAM, hard drive and 19" monitor, one of the better Dell's on offer this week!

We'll never keep up with the latest, leaps and bounds comes to mind You just have to get them when you can and wish you could have the newer ones when you can't lol

Hi everyone, new to the forum but wanted to thank Mike for posting this as it seems like just what I need. I'm a web designer so hoping the 2GB memory and Dual core processor will be ideal for running the demands of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, iTunes and a few browsers at the same time as the fan on my current Dimension 3000 (1gb memory) starts going mental with much more than Photoshop.

I'm configuring it just now and will upgrade the display to the Ultrasharp 19", very tempted to get the Sound Blaster® X-Fi Xtreme Music PCI Soundcard for an extra £60 as I listen to lots of music/watch dvd's. Anyone any advice on that?

Shop around for the audio card, to be honest though I have never had to consider using anything other than on board audio.

Tempted to order this system myself even though I don't really use my home office setup much. Just a shame it dosen't come with XP Professional / MCE and a upgrade to Vista Premium. I would prefer that over the quite ugly looking wireless desktop set :giggle:

Thanks Johncas, was just thinking to stick with on board audio. Are you talking about the wireless keyboard set? If so it does look seriously ugly, think I'll upgrade to the logitech one for only £8 more ]logitech keyboard with a great review ]here

Is it going to be worth hanging on till after Christmas to pick up a system like this in the sales???

It's an excellent deal Mike...way better than the medion that will be on offer at Aldi


Is it going to be worth hanging on till after Christmas to pick up a … Is it going to be worth hanging on till after Christmas to pick up a system like this in the sales???

You could wait and wait, there will always be something a bit better.

i am seriosley considering buying this system but upgrading the graphics card to the radion 7900, will this bwe good enough to play latest games well ?

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New Price today Fri 15th dec Now just £621.57 delivered AND you can get a further 5% off using a code voucher plus 5.5% Quidco too.

Gotta be a megga bargain now!!

Voucher Q69V3MFP45KH92

An excellent deal Mike...Isee the Core 2 chips are now dropping below the £100 mark and also gforce 7900GS are near to £100 so I expect some discounting on future builds...much depends on the price stability of memory chips.

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With Quidco cashback I make this deal around £557 today only!

Got to be a no brainer today currychops ;-)
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