Dell Dimension E520 Desktop 17"TFT, 2.8Ghz dual core, 1gig, 160Gb, DVDRW Just £388.99 or less delive

Dell Dimension E520 Desktop 17"TFT, 2.8Ghz dual core, 1gig, 160Gb, DVDRW Just £388.99 or less delive

Found 26th Dec 2006
Not a bad price for this workhorse system, dell knocked almost 30% off its price today.

Remeber to reduce the warranty to minimum for this price and buy via Quidco for further cashback savings.

305-D01E06 - £388.99 delivered
Intel® Pentium® D 820 Dual Core Processor (2.80GHz, 800MHz, 2x1MB)
Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 (Incl Operating System Re-installation CD) - English
MCE to Vista Premium Upgrade on: before 03/31/07
Dell 17" Value Flat Panel (E177FP) - UK/Irish
1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 533MHz [2x512] Memory
160GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst cache
16x DVD +/- RW Drive
Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3000
Integrated Audio with Dolby Digital 7.1 capability
Dell 2 Button USB Wheel Mouse - Black
Microsoft® Works 8 - English


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Expired: printer no longer available at this price.
Options: Add a printer to the deal for just £9.95 Be rude not to ;-)

sorry to intrude but is there any good laptops for under £350?

Mike - any of the performance machines reducded yet?

Also Mike, how do you think it compares to this machine?…054

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Sorry chaps but I must get through the updates, there are over 100 price changes for me to work through and check against previous spec/prices.
I will get to the laptops, in fact I will go list a couple of the cheapest now at under £350
Nat the PB machine gains on having a proper graphics acrd but wait till I get though the dells before you buy.

Excellent price for this :santa: Thanks Mike :santa:

I'm currently thinking about this as a budget PC. I'm just wondering if I am likely to see a better price for a similar spec in the following weeks?

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This ecode is now well below any previous listed price so I doubt it will drop much more, it has the bonus of a cheap £11 path to Vista Premium too. The printer option has now been removed though.

I doubt even Dell know what the prices will be like in coming weeks, so I have no chance of knowing ;-)

Ordered on 27th.. Still in pre-production.. come on mr dell.

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Now 4th Jan costs £448.99

Mine strangely went pre-prod, prod, delivery all on the same day. Due to arrive tomorrow. Phone mix-up with courier so didn't get it today

Love the packing list. 1 - Modem Not Included, 1 Vista logo ....

Glad I did order last week now.
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