Dell Dimension E520 system 19"TFT, 1.86Ghz Core2duo, 256Meg Graphics + more! Just £629 delivered or

Dell Dimension E520 system 19"TFT, 1.86Ghz Core2duo, 256Meg Graphics + more! Just £629 delivered or

Found 13th Nov 2006
This unit has also had a price drop since Thursday and is looking like a bargain with all the right bits already installed, the ram may be a bit light for vista but thats an easy job for later to add a couple of 512meg sticks from Crucial.

Remember to reduce the warranty to minimum and buy via Quidco for cashback savings too!

305-D11E07 - £629 delivered or less
Intel® Viiv Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor (1.86GHz, 1066MHz, 2MB)
Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 (Incl Operating System Re-installation CD)
MCE to Vista Premium Upgrade on: before 03/31/07
Dell 19" Value Flat Panel (E197FP)
1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 533MHz [2x512] Memory
320GB (2x160GB) 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive - Dual HDD Config
16x DVD +/- RW Drive
256MB ATI® Radeon® X1300 Pro graphics card

FREE Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 924

Integrated Sound Blaster® Audigy ADVANCED HD software
Dell 2 Button USB Wheel Mouse - Black
Internal 13-in-1 Media Card Reader
Microsoft® Works 8 - English
Resource CD - contains Diagnostics and Drivers


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This printer Free with the deal too!

Whats the difference between Intel® Viiv™ Core™ and Intel® Core™ 2
[SIZE=2]Which is better?[/SIZE]

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Viiv chip has some added instructions for multimedia use, same apart from that.


I'm guessing this is pretty comparable to the AMDx2 system (]http//ww…c-2) with the processor upgraded to the 4200 option for £5.88.

I think the Core 2 Duo processor would be slightly better but the AMD system comes with the 2x1024 memory plus its only £539.

I'm thinking of going for the £539 AMD system (might upgrade the graphics to the Radeon option too)

I got the AMD system linked above but upgraded to the 5000+ processor and it still came to less than the Core 2 Duo package.

So for a bit less money you get a better processor, twice as much RAM and everything else the same.....




I think the hard drive is actually a bit smaller and the graphics card isn't as good, but still similar systems!!

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Not quite everything the same Morpheus or it wouldnt have been worth posting.
The Intel system has a fast cpu, 2 hard drives totaling 320Gb, a 256Mb X1300 pro Graphics card, a sound blaster Audigy and a free 924 printer.

Sorry Mike T, wasn't trying to criticise your post, hence my quick edit at the end of my post.

Although the 5000+ AMD scores better than the E6300 Core 2 Duo in the tests that were posted on other threads....

As you said though, there are more differences than I first thought so its up to the individuals to decide what they need more for the money involved!!

Keep up the good work Mike!!


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I didnt take offence Morpheus ;-)
I really dont mind if some find different angles on deals I post, infact thats what we are all here for to help each other get the best possible kit for the least cash!
Its sometimes quite difficult to be around at 6am on a Thursday morning ready to go through the hundreds of new dell deals and perms of each deal to try and pick out the real deals from the also rans. Rayman does a stirling job on the Thursdays I am not around at 6am too.

Then to have to go through it all again on Saturday when they realise they overpriced them and they are not getting the takup they hoped for on their deals (like this weekend) so there is always the possibility I may slip up and make small (I hope) errors, so nobody feel they shouldnt speak out if I make an error ;-) or if they spot a combination that makes a good deal even better.

So many offers not sure what to go for , i deffo want dual core 2 though .....are there any good deals on ones with better cases as to be honest that case does not look all that nice to me.

Mike thanks for posting all these deals , btw do you think Viiv is worth selectiong for added benfits?

Think i may wait to see if any better deals come along

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A-n-d-y the next case up from this is the XPS700 and they start around £1000 so are out of reach for the general desktop user, having said that you can now overclock the 700 series with dells help!
Viiv is paired with media center os so if you go away from mc to Xp home you really have to change the cpu selected too as the dell spec will tell you if you try it.
If you want to have your pc as part of your home multimedia experiance then yes its probably a good thing.
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