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Dell G15 5520 Laptop - 15.6in FHD 165Hz, Intel Core i7, 6GB NVIDIA RTX 3060, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD £849 Free Collection @ Very

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

First i7 with nvidia 306016Gb and 512Gb SSD that I've seen.

Always had Dell laptops for work and play, and I think the reputation is pretty good.

If you can find a higher spec for less price, please post as I'm looking to buy a similar spec ASAP.

Can anyone find a review of this precise model ?

Possible Topcashback ?

Very More details at Very

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    I've gone ahead and ordered this. Opened a new credit account to get 20% off so got it for £683. I'll pay it off pretty much straight away after I get it (as long as the spec matches)

    Thanks Op!
    8% of TCB brings it down to £625ish.

    If its actually the i7 165hz model then that's a crazy price.
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    Received this today (ordered Tuesday 27th) and can confirm it's the i7 12700H with a 165hz screen and a 3060 GPU. I paid £683 including delivery after registering a new account for a 20% off welcome bonus! Dell still quoting £1199 on their website so a cracking deal for a 12th gen i7, DDR5 RAM and an Rtx 3060...
    49174533_1.jpg49174533_1.jpg (edited)
    is the keyboard backlit or rgb ?
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    Does that yoga deal at curry’s not murder this one?
    No. Assuming they are broadly same price (very 20% credit).

    Yoga = better screen, better battery, 1/3 lighter, touch screen and "tablet".

    Dell = better CPU, better GFX. (IMO better support).

    Want to do anything more than light gaming then the Dell wins.
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    Great deal mate, just ordered; Defo says I7 when you order!

    nb if it’s your first order (like mine) you get 20% off so only £683.19 for me!!!

    Happy boy!!!

    Tcb should get you another £35
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    Saving people the time. Its a 12700h.
    Good deal

    Confused. First half of desceiptionsayd 12700h. Second half says a shittier i5 (edited)
    How do you know?
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    Is this one with just one SSD slot and thermal under the motherboard?
    That problem was on the newer AMD based laptops, Intel laptops could have the same issue but i would find out if i was you. Just one nvme / ssd slot is just plain stupid. The older G15 laptops also had more than their fair share of hardware failures mainly the motherboards. The new AMD and Intel's have new motherboards which hopefully Dell have done a better job with manufacturing.
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    If you are not in need of a new gaming laptop now and can wait much better options are on the horizon. RTX 4060 mobile gpu with 8GB is a must have if you want to future proof yourself and older modles will come down in price.

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    Weird comment
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    £149 cheaper and I'd have bought. I'm also looking for at least a 3060 laptop for £700ish
    Good luck. You may find one with a 3060 in but the specs will be no where near as good as this.

    For the price I haven't seen much better online. You maybe able to find something in a store somewhere in their clearance section.

    If I didn't buy my son the Tuf Dash F15 last year for around this price this is what I'd of bought.
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    Delivered by RM , specs as user " iamnotageordie " posted - all seems good
    me too
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    what CPU does this have?
    The site is saying it has an i7-12700H but then if you scroll lower it says it's an i5-1235U?
    Yeah noticed that. Confused. If it's 12700h is a good deal. If the i5, overpriced
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    Ordered second laptop of the day.

    £644.76 with TCB. Bargain.
    What was the other one
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    Thanks to the OP - gone for it with 20% first order discount - see what turns up, if as the listing ( i7 RTX3060 ) then I like i am sure everyone else who's punted for it will be very happy
    Any problem checking out? I’m stuck in a loop.
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    I'm torn between this and the Asus Vivobook Pro, just not so good GPU. Though better screen.


    or the Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3i

    lenovo.com/gb/…044 (edited)
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    Reviews of the 2022 version say it only has one NVME SSD slot. The second slot apparently doesn't have a connector.
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    Every one received it where is mine Order being processed Delivery by Wednesday 4 January
    this is what mine was saying, ordered on 28th then called them yesterday and asked for an update to be told is was in "packing" then late last night i got a message saying it was with the courier ( Royal Mail ) and was delivered 9am this morning - I did open a credit account but didn't use it ( paid in full on my own credit card )

    If you haven't already endured the 45mins wait time then I would call them and ask for an update - i would feel confident that it will be delivered if others have also had theirs
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    Says i5 in the spec
    yip, you're right, but title and what it actually says when its in your basket says i7 etc. If you actually received an i5 / different model, then you'd be well within your rights to return, I'm sure.
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    is this a good laptop ? also is it 100% srgb ? (edited)
    I'm not a techie but was looking looking at some reviews and seems to be a good laptop. Gaming laptop because of the Nvidia graphic card. One deal breaker for me is the screen is not touch.
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    MUST RE SI ST...
  20. Avatar
    anyone know if it is 100% srgb ?
    Description says it js
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    Thanks OP, if specs match title this is epic deal , very happy. If I end up getting a 14inch, i5 with no graphics and 8gb ram I’ll be very sad and it will be going back.

    Also my first order so happy with 20% too! (edited)
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    Great price with the 20% off. The laptop is at the heavier end at around 2.7kg so depends if portability/having on lap matters. I previously had a dell G5 which had lots of technical issues so personally don't trust dell but still good value on these specs.
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    Tgp of GPU?
    Brienne of Tarth?
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    Very tempted - anyone know if this can be charged over thunderbolt from a docking station?
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    Guys this is my 1st ever very.co.uk order I'm bit confused they accepted and offered Credit Limit: £750.00 after welcome code I managed to bring it down to £683.00 I didn't wanted to apply for credit i could av easily pay £683.00 but welcome code wasn't working only worked after I registered now can I pay stright now and cancel this credit agreement etc or I can't?
    You should be able to pay for it when the line of credit opens (when it is dispatched?) But I would wait to make sure you got what you paid for first.
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    This is the worst screen of the year according to Jarrod Tech
    wasnt he talking about the 120Hz and not this one ? ( 165Hz ) - i looked around for the info on the 165Hz screen and it does look pretty good - ive orderd one and if its the 120Hz it will be going back
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    Anyone else having trouble checking out? I’ve had credit approved but can’t get past 2. Delivery in the checkout sequence.
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    why is the specifications different below the page?
    Assume it’s a mistake. Will be returned if it’s not.
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    Went for a lenovo legion 5 with ryzen 7 5800H, 16gb ram and 3070 for £825 from cex

    Will buy this if the condition is poor
    That’s a brill deal, did they have many in stock?
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    Anyone knows of you can expand the ram ? Or is it soldered.
    Yes you can according to page 24 of the service Manual....

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    Nice find!
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    Has anyone's order moved past "order being processed"? Mine has been stuck like that since last night. (edited)
    Nope. Never used very before so no idea how they normally operate.
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    Would this be any good for photo editing? If not, any recommendations in this price range (cant be a mac as I need laptop for other purposes as well).

    Planning on learning photoshop/lightroom etc. Thanks
    I would have thought so, it meets the recommended requirements for photoshop
    I have bought it for digital work.
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    Anyone know what wattage the GPU is?
    after a big of googling i think its 115w ......
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    expired. missed it.
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    This has just been delivered by RM after I ordered it yesterday (28th). Can confirm the delivery note says it's an i7. Thanks OP. (edited)
    did u also pay it off or use credit
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    An absolute stonking deal if it’s the i7 sadly now unavailable
    It is the i7. Few people have received theresm. Mines coming tomorrow!
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    Woeful laptop. Wouldn't go near it unless £500 or below and even then I would hesitate.
    How so
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    out of stock :((
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