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Posted 16 May 2024

Dell G2724D 27" QHD 165Hz Fast IPS 400nits FreeSync Premium G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor using code

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Display Type
LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix
Diagonal Size 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology VESA Adaptive-Sync, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, AMD FreeSync Premium
Panel Type Fast IPS
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Native Resolution QHD 2560 x 1440 (DisplayPort: 165 Hz, HDMI: 144 Hz)
Pixel Pitch 0.023 cm
Pixel Per Inch 109
Brightness 400 cd/m
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 / 1000:1
Display HDR 400
Colour Support 16.8 million colours
Colour Gamut 99%RGB
Response Time 1 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)
Horizontal Viewing Angle 178°
Vertical Viewing Angle 178°
Screen Coating
Haze 25%, anti-glare 3H hardness
Backlight Technology
LED backlight
LED edgelight system, Low Blue Light technology, 3-sided bezeless, Dell ComfortView Plus, flicker-free panel
Dimensions (WxDxH)
61.19 cm x 20.02 cm x 39.348 cm - with stand (lowest position)

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  1. NoSocks's avatar
    I have this monitor from a previous Dell deal and have been very pleased with it. I am powering it by a RTX4070. The HDR does make games pop a bit more but I mainly purchased it for the higher refresh rate
    sisqoboy's avatar
    4070 is a nice one My GF has the same.
  2. Zillah's avatar
    Looks like its gone back up to £279 now
  3. spinatrix's avatar
    The 23.8inch 1440p 165hz from AOC is better than this having used both. It looks way sharper and the same price
    Alex_H's avatar
    It would look sharper because it's a smaller monitor using the same resolution. I'm sure most, if they have the room, would rather this 27" over the 24" Acer.
  4. icemanste's avatar
    Thanks ordered.
    sisqoboy's avatar
    You're welcome!
  5. Hulsey's avatar
    Got mine a few days ago, great monitor. However not as bright as I expected, or colourful. Seems dimmer than my previous dell monitor which has 350 nits. That’s after changing all the settings etc.
    Alex_H's avatar
    Have you got HDR enabled in Windows? If so, that's probably what's making it look dim, best to turn HDR off.
  6. rincage's avatar
    Arrived. Lovely. Very pleased.
    sisqoboy's avatar
    Great to hear it!
  7. dannybuk's avatar
    Anyone got this on an Xbox Series X? I'd like to get it for my sons room. He's using headset so no speakers are fine. I know it won't have HDMI 2.1 so wondering how good it will look like. Don't really want to go over £200 for it so this looks like the best one i can find.
    Gottograbthemall's avatar
    It has hdmi 2.1 it is a great monitor I have one and even bought my daughter one for her pc/console
  8. tolester's avatar
    Right silly question - how do you get audio out of this as no built in speakers and no audio out? Want to rig this up to my boys Xbox in his room - but would also like to use this for rigging up to his laptop and watching movies on etc? Any help? 
    markyo007's avatar
    Plug this into the Xbox to get sound directly from it and then plug speakers into the adapter

  9. Gimme-A-Deal's avatar
    mine arrived today... looks good. no dead pixels.

    cant seem to get PS5 running on 120Hz and VRR. is it one or the other?
    Gimme-A-Deal's avatar
    ahhh.. its me... got a better cable and now i have it! Phew! thought i got a dud!
  10. Czubaka's avatar
    Fab monitor and a good deal. Heated
    sisqoboy's avatar
  11. Rocky96's avatar
    Got it 4 days ago. Great monitor. My eyes don't hurt now.
  12. AdamT93's avatar
    Is this overkill to use with my PS5?
    markyo007's avatar
    If you play COD for example, I would say no it isn’t overkill.
  13. DeadpanDan's avatar
    Great monitor. Bough one for my son's PC, he also uses it with his Switch - 1080p content looks faultless on it, despite it not being 'native' res to this monitor.
  14. computerguy234's avatar
    Excellent monitor. Got two of these a while ago, although for a bit less on sale, but would happily pay this price after using them for 6 months

    Check your Dell reward points too btw. I randomly got 5000 the other day, maybe because of the data breach? (edited)
    Showoff's avatar
    I also received the random 5000 reward points and can use 4500 of them on this to reduce the cost by a further £45 to £153.65

    It’s currently in my basket for my son’s birthday next week, but need to buy him a PC first.
  15. techmenow's avatar
    Thanks. Bought 2 for home office setup
  16. Gimme-A-Deal's avatar
    Bought one.. Hopefully deliver on Thursday.
  17. sohi_79's avatar
    Ordered thanks OP.. Top Cashback 10.2% on top of that.. Finger crossed.😁
  18. markyo007's avatar
    Fantastic monitor. I’ve used this previously but unfortunately had to git rid of my set up to make space in the house. Wouldn’t hesitate to get it again though if I had the space for a proper set up
    bingowings85's avatar
    congrats on the new arrival
  19. s1hal's avatar
    Ordered, thanks
  20. crzylgss's avatar
    Incredible monitor for the price. I bought one around las Black Friday and couldn't be happier with it.
  21. BigBoots's avatar
    Daft question, but this looks like it has no slot for external speakers. I was thinking of getting this for my PS5, but how would I get external sound from it?
    Carlvit's avatar
    That's correct, an older deal thread for this has the answer hotukdeals.com/sha…156 but basically you would need a usb audio adapter plugged in to your PS5 and some speakers. Here's the adapter link they posted amazon.co.uk/dp/…070
  22. JR94's avatar
    Would two of these be good for a work from home setup? 1 windows machine 1 macbook with the occasional bit of gaming via Xbox.
    Usage would be like 95% PC work and 5% gaming
    Superficial's avatar
    I have this monitor and it's great for gaming BUT WFH setups typically work better with monitors that have built in speakers and this doesn't.
  23. Finners's avatar
    Has anyone upgraded from a Acer Predator XB271HU to one of these newer IPS monitors? All the headline specs seems much the same and I don't know if I would gain any motion clarity upgrading to a monitor like this. On the Acer when looking around very fast it's never been as clear as I would like but don't know if I need to be on something like a 360Hz OLED to get a noticeable improvement.
  24. greaterthan25characters's avatar
    Can't believe I paid £2.23 more for this last week.
    Happy with mine, I have it next to a Dell S2721DGF and the new one is probably slightly better but not obviously so, at least to my eyes.
    whathaveidonenow's avatar
    How do the two compare? I have the same older monitor as you. Brightness similar? Colours?
  25. BenderRodriguez's avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered to replace my older 27" 75Hz Dell. This should be much better for gaming and good enough for graphics work after calibration, Dell makes really good screens for the price.
  26. yesfan's avatar
    Needed a new monitor as my son permanently borrowed my one. Used the code and reward points for £153, cheers.
  27. Gimme-A-Deal's avatar
    Fantastic.. Been waiting for this deal as I missed it last time around.
  28. itsdaniel0's avatar
    Tempted to upgrade my office set-up, but I also have a PS4 hooked up to the monitor. Any idea how it scales?
  29. Andy_HayessSQ's avatar
    Hasn't this been as low as 180?
    Gimme-A-Deal's avatar
    think that was a misprice which they honoured.
  30. icemanste's avatar
    Screen arrived and dead pixel right where the eye can see, they are replacing it. Pain that
    sisqoboy's avatar
    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope the next one will be perfect!
  31. flapmio's avatar
    Price gone back up and saying coupon has expired?
's avatar