Dell Inspiron 13 5000, i7 8th gen, 16gb, 512Ssd. - £779.01

Dell Inspiron 13 5000, i7 8th gen, 16gb, 512Ssd. - £779.01

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Found 15th Feb
2 in 1 laptop, feels like a good deal. Don't know.
Can't find a cheaper 13 inch highly portable laptop which the same spec. With code SAVE150 @ 779.01 @ DELL, 1 years warranty (3 years warranty at John Lewis for £929.95 (as per original post, now edited to link to dell )

Not fussed about cold votes, If theres a better deal please post a link. Would be useful. Thanks
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Great spec.
Worth checking the details if you want to hook up a UHD monitor or telly at 60Hz- no DP connector, no USB-C with DP, and HDMI is 1.4 (as far as I can work out from Dell's opaque product numbering!) , not the 2.0 needed for UHD@60Hz
Seems quite good. But a bit heavy for a 2 in 1 and also battery life looks to be very short.
I would expect a 7000 series for this price. Check Dell Outlet.
Super hot
Dell actually have this on for 779.01 with "save150" code. Though with only a years warranty. Perhaps JL will price match. Do I vote cold on my own post?
Post edited to go to the dell site
EDIT: My comment below is based on the title of this deal which is the Inspiron 13 5000 (2015 line of laptops) - the deal links to a Inspiron 13 5379 (2017 line) - a different laptop completely!

SECOND EDIT: Inspiron 13 5379 improves on typically poor Dell laptop screen, but still reasonably poor…ce/

Good laptop let down by a terrible screen, seemingly like all other Dell laptops…000

The HP Spectre x360 line have much, much better quality screens and are much better reviewed. Personally, I wouldn't buy a Dell as these laptops are designed to watch movies on, and their terrible screens means they aren't much cop!

Spectre with similar spec here I think, with similar price?…wcB
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That's a good spec.
If I were spending this kind of money I'd expect something more high end than the plasticky Inspiron 13.
Mine went into a boot loop only last week after a couple years of use. Removing the battery and the CMOS cell fortunately fixed the problem. But in the time I've had it the camera and touch digitiser both failed.
So we'll worth buying an extended warranty.
I ordered this laptop just before Christmas and returned it right away. The plasticky build was OK and sturdy enough, but was put off by the wonky keyboard (the right half of it was slightly recessed so that the key travel wasn't uniform over the entire keyboard), and the screen was dull an unexciting.

Sacrificed the specs for an HP Envy with much better build quality from CeX. Although its always a gamble with what you're gonna get at CeX.
The A key just failed on mine and it is a replace the case to replace the keyboard. Probably will not buy a Dell ever again.
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