Dell Inspiron 6000 High-End Notebook Just £399.99 + delivery=£419.98 or less

Dell Inspiron 6000 High-End Notebook Just £399.99 + delivery=£419.98 or less

Found 12th Sep 2006
The 15.4" wide aspect display provides a superb visual experience with front-access multimedia buttons for conveniently controlling audio CDs or DVDs. The perfect balance of multimedia performance and mobility for entertainment and productivity purposes.With Microsoft Works Suite you get Word 2002, Works 8, Microsoft Photopremium 10, Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2005, Money Standard 2005 and Autoroute 2005 to help you get even more from home computing.

Main Features:

Intel Pentium M 1.8Ghz
60GB Hard Drive60GB Hard Drive
Integrated Graphics card with at least 32MB VRAM
Touch pad
Integral V.92 56K
MS Windows XP Home
MS Works 7
Integral 802.11b/g 54mbps
Onboard Sound
15.4" WXGA

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Original Poster

I have one of these at home and really like the styling, very much like the current Dell Inspiron 6400.

Hi, this deal looks really good. Excellent spec for the price. Mike, just wondering is this processor still up to standards compared with the new core duo processors and do you know if this has a dedicated graphics card.

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It wont be up to Core duo speeds no but a PM 1.8 was/is pretty quick enough for most stuff you will encounter on a lappy unless your cruching video or playing maxed out latest games, its on board graphics I think.
I'm trying to get the warranty details atm too.

Its quality for the price anyway

Hi, yeah, just wondering if you'll get a 3 year warranty and mabye better specs than stated as I remember the mix up with bt shop a few months ago where demension 5100's were 5150's. Also 3 year warranty was provided, hmmm might take the gamble.

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Well it was the best deal going today on the BT site and is now out of stock.

Hope you got yours ok
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