Dell Inspiron M5030 - Refurb - £265.37 Good Spec for Cheap Laptop

Dell Inspiron M5030 - Refurb - £265.37 Good Spec for Cheap Laptop

Found 6th Jan 2011
Hello All

So for those of you who was after a good deal and keep missing out on the Dell i3 refurb units, I just picked up a good (better than the Celeron Dual Core Laptops) standard build AMD P540 laptop.

* Inspiron M5030
* Processor : AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile Processor P540 (2.4GHz, 2M, 3.6GT/s)
* Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 BIT)
* 250GB (5400rpm)
* Memory 2GB (2x1GB) 1333MHz DDR3 ECC-UDIMM
* 8 X DVD +/- RW
* 15.6in High Definition (1366X768) WLED
* Black

The Turion processor which is in this unit is the P540 which scores 1501 on the CPU benchmark scores, which compared to the celeron and most entry level laptops (new ones that is around £300) of around 1100 (higher benchmark scores mean the better the processor regardless of the manufacturer) means it's a pretty good bargain.

Some individuals both AMD and Intel Fan boys will argue which is better, to be honest who cares, what is important is the price point, these refurb units come with a 1yr Standard Service for your PC as well (so if it goes wrong they sort it).


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I love it when people vote cold haha

Compare CPU's here

Saw this one myself earlier today, good spec for the price I thought.

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Indeedy, even compared to the Core2Duo (T6500) model, this machine is still more powerful and £100 less...granted the hard drive is 70GB less and only 2GB of RAM but as these can both be purchased at a combined £40 seems a good deal...

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All gone!


All gone!

No they're not. This is defo Hot
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what graphics card does it have?

Also what software is installed?

Also what software is installed?

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Nope your right they are back again!

Lol still cold though haha, brilliant comes with Windows 7 (64-bit) as I not dell I have no idea JammyAbz

Also what software is installed?

Don't know why my computer keeps repeating the last question lol
I took a punt anyway and bought one, been looking around for ages at refurbs on tesco/argos ebay outlets this tops them for the price
I'm hoping will come with word/excel editing

Should come with Office 2010 Starter Ed, which allows you basic Word and Excel Editing

Don't see why its cold, seems like a fairly good deal, I wouldn't say stunning though.

looks goods heat form me

God, I hate that Dell site! (and always have found it long-winded and frustrating..) Good deal though!
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