Dell Laptop Memory - 2GB Modules - £26.63 delivered
Dell Laptop Memory - 2GB Modules - £26.63 delivered

Dell Laptop Memory - 2GB Modules - £26.63 delivered

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Dell have 15% off all SODIMM memory modules and free delivery on selected electronics & accessories til the end of the month

And with 5% quidco (B4 VAT) this makes them £25.50 delivered which means £51.00 for 4GB of memory on my vostro 1700

Applies to all the inspiron, vostro & xps bargains i know u all have


Damit.... My Vostro 1000 has a 2 GB limit (already has 2GB). Good price for Dell.


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heres a direct link to the vostro 1700 laptops


anybody know what it would be like running one 2GB module and one 1GB module as opposed to two 1GB modules that i have now??

According to my vostro manual, if you have a dual core processor the ram chips need to be the same capacity to make best use of the dual core capability - don't know what the effect of mixing them would be but I wouldn't chance it.

Wow I have been looking around for a 1gb Stick of DDR1 333mhz and the cheapest new i have found is £37 quid just found some for £32 on there parts pages

I was thinking about getting another 2GB for my 1720 inspirion laptop following the link there is only one 2GB available will this be the same as my current 2GB module therefore being fully compatibal for dual channel memory purposes ???

I'm thinking of getting one of these to convert my macbook pro to 3GB, should work i think

sounds a good price, I have a vostro 1700 with 3 gig mem was going to upgrade to 4 gig but when I spoke to dell vostro support was told it would not improove performance system can only utilise 3 gig seems strange when dell sell them with a 4 gig option anyone any thoughts
also same advisor said upgrading G8400 graphic card to G8600 would ge better option, can I do that tho I read that laptops have even dedicated grahic cards hardwired

As a rule Windows 32 bit O/Ss can only see/utilise 3-3.5GB of ram. They offer them with 4GB becuase Vista doesn't have that limitation.
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