Dell Outlet 3540 laptop 15" i3 500GB hybrid SSD/HDD £342 inc vat/p&P
Dell Outlet 3540 laptop 15" i3 500GB hybrid SSD/HDD £342 inc vat/p&P

Dell Outlet 3540 laptop 15" i3 500GB hybrid SSD/HDD £342 inc vat/p&P

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Ok, this is a refurb/cancelled order with 1yr - or perhaps 3yr warranty. Price includes VAT and delivery

Latitude 3540
Core™ i3-4030U Dual Core (3M Cache, 1.9 GHz), Windows® 8.1 Pro (64Bit) English
Memory : 4 GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3,
500 GB SATA Solid State Hybrid Drive (5400 RPM) with 8 GB Flash
8X DVD+/- RW Drive,
15.6 Inch display (1366X768) AntiGlare LED-backlit
Dell Wireless-N 1705 + Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: Primary 4-cell 40W/HR


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I work in IT and our favourite spec for customers is an i3 SSD 4GB RAM machine in various screen sizes. We find this spec is zippy, doesn't slow down with age and Windows updates, and rugged (immune to bashes). An SSD is the best speed boost you can do for a budget laptop.

I was after a 15.6" machine for a friend at £350 or so, and couldn't find an SSD machine, but this has a 500GB hybrid SSD/HDD which is pretty close - see this HUKD deal for a discussion on SSHDs. I said there:

A hybrid drive makes sense if you have a laptop with one drive bay, want performance AND capacity and can't afford £290 for a 1TB SSD which would give you both. Just be aware of a few restrictions:
- the caching algorithm learns what data to keep in the SSD part, so the first and second times you read stuff won't be very quick,
- if you write several GB to the hard drive (e.g. a torrent or rip), you'll flush the cache, so it'll be slow again until it learns
- small write speed depends on whether it has write caching and I don't think this model does. - anyone?
- large writes e.g. Windows installs go at HDD speed.
- you'll see the most benefit with a repeated mainly read activity e.g. boot Windows, play Games, repeat.

Also Solandri's reasoning here on this spec.

Beyond that, well it's a Dell, so you'll like it or loath it - their laptops are IME pretty good.

Oh, it's got USB3 which is good, but I would have liked a higher res screen and HDMI out, but at least it does 1920x1080 from its VGA connector so you can connect a 22" screen, and then Robert is your mother's brother.
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Review here Not sure if this is black or silver as in the picture - anyone?
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Link didn't work for me Hootwo.

Try this it's a more general link to the outlet laptops -


Outlet stuff doesn't usually hang around for long if the deal is good. Free delivery deals pop up quite regularly as well.

I have a Dell outlet i5, it came as new , not a scratch on it and has given no problems.

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Try this it's a more general link to the outlet laptops

Thank you - the deal is still there

When ordering from the outlet make sure you are willing to wait a couple of weeks for delivery - I placed an order then tried to cancel due to the estimated delivery date and had loads of problems. I googled after I tried to cancel and others had similar problems too
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