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Posted 22 May 2023

Dell Precision 3620 Tower Refurb A - No OS - 32GB Ram - 3.80ghz + Nvidia Quadro P2000 (5 GB) - £269 @ Dell Refurbished

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1x Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6 (4-Core, 3.80 GHz)
32 GB (2x 16GB)
256 GB (1x 256 GB SSD)
Nvidia Quadro P2000 (5 GB)
No Operating System
No additional software
Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
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  1. eternald's avatar
    Basically a 5gb GeForce GTX 1050 for those that are intrigued.
  2. joshuamfawcett's avatar
    There's a reason it's cheap, old, outdated hardware, no OS etc.
    CPU is a good 6 years old.

    Essentially e-waste, probably sent to be recycled by a large company (for free) and Dell has refurbed them to make some quick cash from rubbish. (edited)
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    Strongly disagree - I hope people take a considered decision when they glance at comments like this; of course, it has its limitations, but absolutely fine for anyone just using it to browse the web, for work tasks, media centres, home servers or as a young kid's PC etc etc.

    E-waste is a big issue - I much rather it is reutilised, and if it has a use for somebody, then I can't see the issue
  3. jamesdew's avatar
    I bought this recently but paid less but it was a B grade. It just had a little mark on the case though it was fine.
    Order Subtotal - £340.83
    Shipping & Handling - £10.00Promo Code: (PRECISION40)£163.60
    Total Promo Discount - £163.60
    GRAND TOTAL - £224.68

    I bought it as my son wanted me to start editing videos for youtube. its really good at this, it can run 4k preview in premiere and produce a 10 minute 4k video in about 20 mins. Its not blisteringly fast by any means but its usable and you can edit videos on it which I couldn't really do on my laptop.
    It can run CS Go very well it runs apex legends ok on 1080p at 60 fps.

    For what I want to do with it it's excellent.
  4. Affray's avatar
    It has 8 threads and doesn't support Windows 11.
    moog's avatar
    My HP Microserver Gen 8 doesn't support Win 11, but I'm running it just fine.
  5. davocc's avatar
    If anyone's curious - this is a kind of "teardown" video where he opens the devices and takes some panels off, etc. It's designed to be field serviced by a roving propeller-head (PC support) often without tools or just a few of them; as a result it has nice and easy opening for side panel, drive bays, etc. This is intended for easier servicing at someone's desk but that can translate to easier swapping of bits for someone not too familiar with doing this. That it's a "standard" series model means you can put in a model series and google guides, etc. where it's harder generally to that on generic kit if you don't have PC building skills.

    These things can be rather handy for someone wanting to experiment and learn at home on something more powerful, it's a nice model to use (setting up your strange/weird systems as virtual machines and then just using those via your laptop, etc.). It's a bit of a rabbit hole but can be useful stuff to know.
  6. Weehamish's avatar
    Anyone actually defending this pile of rubbish I feel sorry for you... dell will sling whatever they can't get rid of. Total trash... couple hundred quid more and you can get a ps5... none gaming get a laptop for this price.
    DealHugger's avatar
    You are missing the point. For people working on CAD, etc and in need for the professional grade certified GPU, this is a very good price.
  7. Somersett's avatar
    With these dreadful specs, and the machine being very second-hand and outdated, and guzzling power like it was designed for Saudi use, it should be MUCH MUCH cheaper.

    Dell only prices these things high because they were massively over-priced pseudo-servers back in the day- there are much more sensible second-hand systems sold for desktop use today.
    plewis00's avatar
    It really doesn't 'guzzle power'. If you are running it non-stop and high load there are better machines. If you just turn it on as and when needed it won't be a problem. But I agree some machines are better value if you can be bothered with the hassle of building yourself or going through a different reseller though probably not if the design and lots of RAM is useful for you.
  8. Gav_881's avatar
    This is a good solid system, the CPU is in the region of a 6th gen I5/7, will vary based on task.

    the GPU whilst capeable of gaming should be removed and Ebay'd by anyone looking to use this as a gaming rig, typically selling for £110 with a low of £80 and a high of £150 over the last month.

    try to get a reference design blower card to keep airflow to a reasonable level and look at the power belivery capebility of the PSU when deciding on GPU both in terms of total power and GPU power leads (6pin / 8pin).

    Have turned these type of systems into gaming rigs in the past and they do a creditable job.

    Very cheap way to get going in into PC gaming

    Edit: also though it says no OS, they typically come with one and will have a Win 8/10 sticker on them if they do, easy to do the upgrade path to get to win 10/11 for free (11 needs the workaround) ymmv (edited)
    plewis00's avatar
    It's more 7th gen Kaby Lake with ECC support which was basically the same as 6th gen with tweaks. Good advice on selling the card and getting a cheap gaming card (I guess GTX 1650, 1660 Super or RX 6600 are the obvious candidates). I am surprised the P2000 sells for that much, does it actually sell or is that what people list it for?
  9. komi's avatar
    Anyone know if the build support Windows 11? - looks very good value for a budget build and light gaming
    jamesdew's avatar
    I installed windows 11 using Rufus works great.
  10. Nemeus's avatar
    I have a slightly lower specification PC purchased in 2019 for SolidWorks. I paid £1,900, with 16GB RAM, slightly lower spec processor, SATA drive and same graphics card.

    This is a bargain!
    plewis00's avatar
    Depends what you want though - I paid £155 total for a Precision 5810 with 14-core Xeon V4, 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM and Quadro graphics (can't remember the exact card, think it was a lesser one) and these frequently come up. Of course, with this one you get it from Dell Refurbished, grade A with solid warranty too.
  11. ohdearohdear's avatar
    would this be an upgrade from i5-4440, 8GB, GTX 745?
    DealHugger's avatar
    It is a big yes.
  12. ohdearohdear's avatar
    What's the difference between this and the 5810 at the same price? (edited)
    plewis00's avatar
    Good find! The 5810 is Haswell/Broadwell era so is older but it will take up to 22-core Xeon V4, the GPU is an M2000 (GTX 900 era), so it’s all a bit older but the chassis is way stronger, more flexible and expandable with a better PSU too. I have a few 5810s and they are fast and dependable.
  13. Takeshima_Island's avatar
    Seems like a pointless deal unless you need the Quadro to run some ancient cad software, it doesn't make much sense for this to be a 24/7 home server either due to its high power draw = big energy bills .

    If you need a competent computer to just browse the web, light gaming etc for only £10 more you can get a 6core 12 thread AMD Ryzen 5500U (Vega 7 graphics)apu mini pc with 512gb Nvme ssd , 16 gb DDR4 3200mhz ram.
    The added advantage of it being new with 1 warranty vs 180 days, faster real world performance, modern components, wifi-6 + bluetooth (no wireless adaptor on the dell) modern driver support , windows 11 pro vs no os on the dell, modern video codecs so it can run youtube 4k60 silently and not sound like a jet engine, 30w max total system output compared to the dell which would be easily 250+, the only thing the dell beats it is on gaming but it comes at a huge trade off in every other area.

    We want to help others at hotukdeals to be informed to get the best value for money but for the price it isn't a great deal unless you have a specific need for the Quadro P2000
  14. generallysomewhere's avatar
    I love these machines, built like tanks and last for years, probably too long! I currently still run a T3610 and it is still pretty good for what I need
    but I was thinking of getting a newer one.
    They are usually cad workstations etc and can be very finicky about what graphics cards will run stable
    You have to be careful about the wattage of the PSUs that may not be as powerful as you would expect
    I guess it is from Dell themselves so a premium price but I think I'll search for a better price, do a lot of research and if it fits your bill you shouldn't need disappointed
    Google the standalone RRP of the graphics card if you want a shock! (edited)
  15. plewis00's avatar
    Depends what you need and want from these - nice as it's a clean aesthetic, grade A, lots of RAM and comes with a solid spec to use out of the box and warranted but you can usually find other higher tier Precision workstations for less money on eBay and the like - ComputersinLeeds and Kelsus often carry things like the T3600, T3610 and 5810 for fractions of the cost.

    Paid £130 + £25 CPU upgrade for a Dell Precision 5810 recently that came with 64GB ECC RAM, Xeon V3 processor that I swapped out for a 14-core Xeon E5 V4 and it runs very well as an office workstation for normal tasks as well as more advanced 3D work, VMs, etc and the chassis is more sturdy. Won't suit everyone though - but it's nice to have choice.
  16. yoyo59's avatar
    Tbh its not bad for under 300, should do most things without much trouble at all 4 core 8 thread 32gb ram decent video card

    Would of been perfect if they included an OS (edited)
    A57ton's avatar
    An OEM key is literally £5
  17. RedSnail's avatar
    With a p2000 this is aimed at the CAD market for anyone running high-end software that needs certified drivers. This is unfortunately why it's relatively expensive. CAD stuff doesn't require high-end graphics anymore compared to gaming and most tasks are generally single threaded. My work is still all windows 10 I think my ThinkPad had a similar GPU and I can load a complete vehicle as lightweight geo. Will suite someone who needs a low end workstation.
  18. DrHotUK's avatar
    Plex transcoding server written all over it, with that gfx card...
    MicroManaged's avatar
    No quicksync though.
  19. davocc's avatar
    ooh that looks like an awfully nice Proxmox server for the home
  20. jzedward's avatar
    would be a nice home server at that price; using xigmanas or a basic ubuntu install for plex/jellyfin etc
  21. bavique3's avatar
    Great pc for engineers or students
  22. DealHugger's avatar
    It is basically Kaby Lake. It is fine, will be on par with the i3/i5/i7 7xxx CPUs. I would even say this is pretty good value, unless you run it 24 x 7 and your electricity rate is high. Normally you buy old servers for it is build quality, maintainability and expandability.
  23. russelkhan's avatar
    I think this is not a bad deal. Over the years I've had more refurb Dells pass through my house than I can count. Many have gone on to friends and family and they're still running. Although I paid less for it, this might have been a better option than the refurb i5-8500 Optiplex tower I ordered a few weeks ago for my teenage daughter. From what I remember, these Precision towers have a beefier PSU (although I could be wrong about that) and also crucially they have a GPU power connector so one could in theory install a budget gaming card that needs extra power.

    Yes it's old tech, but still good enough for most. They're very well-built, easy to open up, and I think they look good too.

    Not supporting Win11 is a bit of a bummer though. That might be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. (edited)
  24. Teebee's avatar
    The spec is almost irrelevant, I have a dozen 5yr old Optiplex 3050 desktops and I can't give them away.
    The only people that want desktops nowadays are gamers/geeks and we all buy the best we can!
    Qas2K9's avatar
    Could maybe sell me one depending on specs and price
  25. Sweetchuck's avatar
    Just picked one up for less than £215 delivered using the PRECISION40 code. Grade A, Xeon Quad Core E3-1270 v6, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Nvidia Quadro P2000 (5 GB). Really can't argue with those specs at that price. Let's just hope that it is actually in decent nick. (edited)
  26. MicroManaged's avatar
    I am looking to replace my aging Lenovo TS140 which I use as a Plex server.

    It has a P400 graphics card in it but I have never been able to successfully remotely stream 4k content over direct play or transcode.

    Any recommendations on the spec I need to replace this? It would need a few SATA ports on it for the drives (at least 4).

    benfisher1991's avatar
    Direct play would work on a raspberry pi.

    I have a TS150 with similar spec to this deal and it works great, get a P2000 or a CPU with quicksync and you'll be golden for transcodes.
  27. alfyn's avatar
    Does this unit have raid build in for 2 drives ?
  28. cp1's avatar
    I have a very similar spec PC (and the same graphics card) at work running Solidworks 3D CAD designing some pretty big assemblies/machines. This is a bargain for anyone vaguely interested in 3D CAD.
    mr_johnsie's avatar
    We use the t3600 at work (Software dev with Visual Studio) and the do the job quite well. Never had any issues with speed or multi-tasking.
  29. olops's avatar
    Bit old for me this one but just here to remind that if thinking of installing Windows 11 on this, I don't believe it will be officially supported. MS support for Xeons ain't great.
    mr_johnsie's avatar
    No and trying to shoehorn that OS on it probably isn't a bright idea. I'm yet to find any benefit of Windows 11 over Windows 10 though, so would be good for anyone who wants to use Windows 10.
  30. Robdataff's avatar
    That chip came out in q1 2017. This system is realistically 6 years old... Meh.
    Kyrt's avatar
    To be fair 50% of the value is in the workstation GPU, it will do a reasonable job for video encoding and decoding eg video editing, rendering or as a plex server.
  31. gogz1982's avatar
    Would this be suitable to run Linux mint or any other distribution?
    mr_johnsie's avatar
    Yes. It will run most popular Linux distros well. We use machines similar to to these in work.
  32. mr_johnsie's avatar
    Software developer here. This machine should run most IDEs quite nicely and will run modern applications like browsers, office, youtube, spotify etc quite well. Decent enough for most professional use cases. Probably not one for gamer kids though as it doesn't have all the neon lights. (edited)
  33. Stephen_RobertsdpL's avatar
    32nm CPU - practically a museum piece
    plewis00's avatar
    It's 14nm, but nevermind...
  34. d3fy's avatar
    MicroManaged's avatar
    You'd think it was steam powered the way some go on.
  35. CheebaSweets's avatar
    this would make a great basic home server even with some media hw transcoding with that card. though bit steep for £269
  36. mr_johnsie's avatar
    VMware dropped the Linux kernel after v4.1 and opted for their own kernel. This box is overkill for a home server unless you’re doing virtualisation or transcoding. You’d be better using a lighter desktop for most server tasks. Best use case scenario for this machine is cad, university/office work or software development. All of those uses would be good value for money and pay for the computer. Not one for the gamer kids. The professional case and lack of led neon lights is a bit of a giveaway. (edited)
  37. mystik's avatar
    Has anyone who purchased this deal can confirm if a Win 10 Pro install does indeed activate automatically? Thanks
  38. mystik's avatar
    Price in post should be £281 (incl. £12 postage), unless I am missing a code or something?
  39. Nemeus's avatar
    I just received my two PCs (ordered as CAD machines for a work project), but I cannot see the SSD in there. Perhaps it's hidden. Anyone else got one and can confirm where the SSD is located?

    Note, I've not fired it up yet, so will find out if there is or is not an SSD when I do.

    Edit: I've found it mounted directly onto the motherboard, slightly obscured. (edited)
    jamesdew's avatar
    haha I had the same experience
's avatar