Dell UP2715K 27-Inch 5K LCD Monitor (1000:1, 350 cd/m2, 5120 x 2880) - £755.00 @ Debenhams Plus

Dell UP2715K 27-Inch 5K LCD Monitor (1000:1, 350 cd/m2, 5120 x 2880) - £755.00 @ Debenhams Plus

Found 11th Nov 2016
Welcome to the amazing sharpness and clarity of a 5K monitor. The Dell UP2715K features an astoundingly vivid 5120 x 2880 (Ultra HD) resolution, a dramatic increase in screen clarity, with more than 14 million pixels - or four times the content of QHD resolution, seven times the content of Full HD displays and almost double the number of pixels in an Ultra HD 4K monitor. The result is a breakthrough visual experience that brings outstanding realism, depth and crispness to pictures and movies.

If you're a graphics or design professional in the entertainment, film, photography or engineering field, you'll immediately recognise the benefits of a 5K monitor with Dell PremierColour. Details this incredible allow you to view your work with a whole new level of insight. Right out of the box, Dell PremierColour delivers factory-tuned 99% AdobeRGB and 100% sRGB coverage, impressive grayscale tracking and a colour calibration factory report certifying that colours are true-to-life and accurate with an extremely small deltaE of less than 2.

Use the Custom Colour mode to change colour parameters to your exact needs. Tune and tweak onscreen colours by utilising a wide range of colour parameters such as RGBCMY saturation, RGBCMY hue, RGB gain and RGB offset. For even greater control and precision calibration, the UP2715K comes with a 12-bit user-accessible 3D LUT (look-up table), which is accessible via the Dell UltraSharp Colour Calibration Solution software when used with the optional X-rite iDisplay Pro colourimeter.

High-fidelity sound is provided by 2 down-firing Harmon Kardon speakers tuned to perfection, and rated at an impressive 32W (2 x 16W) to provide a beautiful soundscape.

Take in the fine, almost infinite, detail provided by the UP2715K in total comfort, thanks to its wide-ranging adjustability. The included stand enables tilt, swivel and height adjustments, along with pivot capability. To save desk space, you can wall mount the UP2715K in your choice of landscape or portrait orientation.

Connect seamlessly with Mac and Windows PCs, along with a wide range of digital peripherals. One high-current USB 3.0 port (found on the back of the monitor) supplies twice the power for charging and powering BC1.2 compatible USB devices. You also get one upstream USB 3.0 port and five downstream USB 3.0 ports, two DisplayPorts (for 5K support), a mini-DisplayPort (for 4K support) and a media card reader.

The Dell UP2715K meets the latest regulatory and environmental standards, including Energy Star, EPEAT Gold and TCO.

Box Contains
Dell Monitor
Monitor Stand
Power Cable
Cable Cover
2x DP-DP Cable
2 x mDP -DP Cable
1 x mDP -mDP Cable
USB 3.0 upstream Cable
User Documentation/Media

Even cheaper than the previously posted eBay deal!
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This was born for porn


In the book by Steinmuller (Art of fine printing), he has a rule-of-thumb … In the book by Steinmuller (Art of fine printing), he has a rule-of-thumb formula relating PPI and viewing distance:Res (PPI) = 300/distance(ft).So, to see an image at about 60cm (2ft), one needs 150PPI

So the resolution of this monitor (something over 200 ppi) at normal viewing distances is going to be wasted, unless you like rubbing your nose on the screen.
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This was born for porn

​brilliant, just brilliant.
Wow...this is now abovethe RRP quoted on the same page.
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