Dell Vostro 1400 - 1.8Ghz, 2gb, 160Gb,14.1'',nvidia 8400m - £493.57
Dell Vostro 1400 - 1.8Ghz, 2gb, 160Gb,14.1'',nvidia 8400m - £493.57

Dell Vostro 1400 - 1.8Ghz, 2gb, 160Gb,14.1'',nvidia 8400m - £493.57

Buy forBuy forBuy for£493.57
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
Base Intel® Core 2 Duo T7100 Processor (1.8GHz,800MHz,2MB L2 cache) edit
Microsoft Operating System Genuine Windows Vista® Business - English edit
Enhanced Service Packs Base Warranty - 1 Year Business Hardware Support edit
LCD 14.1" Wide Screen WXGA (1280x800) TFT Display edit
Colour Choice Matte Jet Black without Camera edit
Memory 2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM (2x1024) edit
Hard Drive 160GB (5400RPM) SATA Hard Drive edit
Video Card 128MB nVidia® GeForce® 8400M GS with 90 watt AC adapter edit
Optical Devices Fixed Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Drive including Software edit
Primary Battery Primary 6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery (56 WHr) edit


I managed to gett the below for £515 from Dell for the Vostro 1400

T7100 Processor (1.8GHz, 2mb cahce, 800 FSB)
2GB Ram
160 hhd
Truelife screen (1440x900)
9 cell battery
8400 GS graphics card (better than the 7400 as it can be overlcocked higher and the defualt clocks are higher anyway)
Vista Home Premium
Dell Travel Remote
Dell noise Isolation Headphones
15 month Mcaffe anti-virus subscription

This deal much better than the HP laptop posted today, as it has a spill proof keyboard and has an magnesium coating so it wont get scrathed (and it isnt a finger-print magnet). It is also much lighter than this HP laptop (2.5kg compared to 3kg) so it can be carried around more and has better battery life. Finally the screen is of a higher resoluation for maximum viewing. I also got offered the same spec and 3 year warannty for £575!

Pm me if you want to know the details of the dell rep i got this from. BTW he also said he could offer one more freebie if i had got the quote from him first, as they are not allowed to undercut eahcother's quotes.

How long wll you have to wait for it to be delivered?

4 weeks is stated on there site....

I ordered yesterday and they said on the 26th spetember. BTW i will reply to all the pm's tommorow.

Does that include delivery?

Also do you know if it has a sound card as I would like to plug my music keyboard into my laptop.

Looks like a great deal though - Thanks!

Is the 8400GS good for 3D gaming?

why is this cold? looks like a good deal to me.

Hi Manzi,

1. Does your price of £515 include VAT and shipping?

2. Also, can you tell me the name of the Rep you spoke to?

3. Are you happy with the laptop? Was going to buy one tonight.

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

I still havent recieved my laptop but ill give you the details of the rep i talked to by pm.

Now i hav got my laptop reduced from £581 to £521 which is a mega bargain. I got it this low by complianing about the service, long delays etc and they offered me £60 off! So in the end i got:

T7100 Processor (1.8GHz, 2mb cahce, 800 FSB)
2GB Ram
160 hhd
Truelife screen (1440x900)
9 cell battery
8400 GS graphics card Vista Home Premium
Dell Travel Remote
Dell noise Isolation Headphones
3 Years Next Day Bussiness Warranty

All this online costs £700!!!!! Almost £200 saving!

Makes the config I got for 530 look ****. Wish I rang up CS as well

I am now moving onto my 3rd LCD replacement however.

What config did you get? Its a known fact that Matt you can ask Dell for compensation and after 3 lcd replacements they should offer you something like a free hdd upgrade etc.

For 527.98 (i think that's the exact figure heh) i got (online):

T5470 Core 2 Duo Processor (1.6GHz)
2GB Ram
1440x900 screen
9 Cell battery
Intel X3100 IGP
Vista Business
1 Year NBD support.

No travel remote etc.

It's OK, but I could have got a lot more for the money.

To explain the problem, my first LCD was a samsung (SEC) which was mildly grainy...enough to annoy...so I had it replaced. It has been replaced by a TERRIBLE AUO screen which I rang up about and I have been told that I have to wait until the 25th for when they complete their tests so they can assure me a perfect screen.

It's my second replacement, third screen, but I have to wait :@.

I wish I had the better processor, larger HD in particular (I am already down to 50gb free), travel remote and dedicated graphics lol.

Ouch, just looking at your spec makes my eyes water. Lol if you want can pm you my name and you can try to convince them how i have got a better deals yet you got ripped off etc and that you should be entitled to free upgrades.

You should defeintely do that especially since you have NO graphics card included in the price?!?

Nope! I confess I'm not entirely worried about that, I am not a gamer and at the price I paid online (before seeing what others got) I was quite happy without it. Having said that, I do play the odd game or two and the added benefit of it not stealing from the system's memory would be nice.

Problem is even if I got a very generous rep who understood it would have to be a replacement, and right now im between houses (old house -> rented -> new house) so it's not practical to have one sent out.

Really would have liked a better system looking at others specs though (not saying mine is bad, it's a nice little runner all in all)

Yh but still email customer care tell them i got:

8400 GS graphics card
T7100 instead of T5470 processor
Intel Wireless N card
160GB hhd instead of 120gb
Dell Travel Remote
Dell Noise Isolation Ear buds
3 year next business day warranty

yet still paid £8 LESS than you. If you paid for those upgrades when ordering would have cost you over £250+ extra. Also does the laptop every slow down? Can you have like 10 windows open without it slowing down?

Hmm, perhaps I should give customer care a call....I have been dealing with technical help with regards to my LCD issues....I wonder if I rang CC if they would be inclined to offer something if I explain my issues (and ongoing wait...).

Hell yes, email them instead. Talk about long delays, emails being ignored, you lcd being rubbish and has to be replaced, you being told that the price would not drop. Just lie about anything and they will ring you back to offer a max of 10% off what you paid.

Bump, Matt does your laptop ever slowdown even when there are like 10 windows open?

Also did you email Customer Care then?


Bump, Matt does your laptop ever slowdown even when there are like 10 … Bump, Matt does your laptop ever slowdown even when there are like 10 windows open?Also did you email Customer Care then?

whats the number for the customer care. I might ring them and say that some1 i know has been quoted £521.See if they cna offer me the same deal.You think its a good idea.

Yeah maybe but i emailed them with a long email about the long delays, how i've had to cancel so many orders and re-orders, me being misinformed about the graphics card, my emails being ignored then they phoned me to offer £60 back. Email them and lie if you want too.

Are any of the Vostro range available with XP?

Not on the Internet but if you phone up and say your only going to order if it has xp then they usually offer it.

Sorry replying slipped my mind completely yesterday...busy weekend.

I can't say it does really, it's not an amazing performer but certainly quite nippy lol. In truth the 200MHz isn't going to make much different between your PC and mine, apart from the 7X00 series processors are Santa Rosa which is nice to have.

If i could have got the dedicated graphics for the price I paid I would have been happy.

Another problem I discovered....there's a morse code/beeping noise coming out of the headphone ports :|....****s sake...

Yh its a known problem for the new Intel chips. Call up Dell and maybe you can get a laptop that doesnt have that problem.

can someone pm me the reps contact detials for the deal that Manz got. Any REFS would also be good. thanks :santa: :santa: :santa: :w00t:

I pm'ed you back dwtk. Hope you get a better deal than i did

Manzi, can you pm me the details too please? Many thanks in advance.


hi i've ordered dell 1400 vostro with the following specs for 585 and i think is with the best specs so far.

List N0914002 - Vostro 1400 (2) 1
English - Vista Home Premium 1
No Accidental Damage Support 1
V1400 CORE 2 DUO T7100 1.80GHz,800,2M 1
3 Year Business Hardware Support - Next Business Day 1
Fixed Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Drive 1
Intel® Next-Gen Wireless-N Mini-PCI Card, EUR 1
V1400 14.1" WXGA+ (1440 x 900) TrueLife¿ 1
Memory Dual-Channel 2048MB (2x1024) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM 1
Battery Primary 9 Cell 85WHr LI-ION 1
V1400 Matte Jet Black with 2.0 MP camera 1
Hard Drive 160GB Serial ATA (5400RPM) 1
128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS 1
Base Warranty - 1 Year Business Hardware Support - Next Business Day 1
Dell Travel Remote Control 1
Dell Noise Isolation Ear Buds 1
European - Dell TrueMobile 355 internal Bluetooth Module 1

this order was placed to the same rep who was mentioned by Mr. Cheema (manzie)

Can you let me know who the rep was ranajee? Thanks!


if you wanna have more detail, pm me

Nice deal Ranajee! I emailed Dell saying i got ripped of and lied to etc so im just waiting for there response.

Matt J did u email Dell cusomter care then?
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