DELL XPS700 Free motherboard upgrade and 25% off on quad-core processor
DELL XPS700 Free motherboard upgrade and 25% off on quad-core processor

DELL XPS700 Free motherboard upgrade and 25% off on quad-core processor

For those who bought the DELL XPS 700 last year, later this year DELL will provide a free motherboard upgrade as well as a 25% off option for the quad-core upgrade.

More information can be find from the link below:

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Thanks for this

Thanks for the info m8, rep added.

I have a Dell XPS 700 computer, which I got for about £700 when it was "on sale" by Dell in Aug 2006! :whistling:

Really great to hear that Dell is providing a free motherboard upgrade for my computer. Which company in the world would do that once they have your cash?!?
I need to get a laptop soon, so after reading this news I will most probably stay with Dell. :thumbsup:



This link will get you straight there.

Get an M1710!!! Superb piece of kit. Tho make sure you ring them up and pester, pester, pester. I got free Graphics upgrade, free HDD upgrade, free bluetooth, free XPS case, free 3 yr warranty, and some money off. Total saving based on the web price. £395. WELL worth bartering with Dell!!!

Excellent stuff from Dell. So what is their reason behind this, is it to try and entice people into buying the quad core cpu at the same time?

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This is a long story. In short, some people were not happy with functionality of the MB in XPS 700. Dell does this to make it up. Have to say, the support from DELL is second to none.

EviL Ras

Get an M1710!!! Superb piece of kit. ...bla blah

@ EviL Ras: make sure you read the whole thread before posting non-relevant stuff. This thread is for people who already own a Dell XPS desktop (top of the range), and will get a free motherboard upgrade from Dell later this year.

We already have a top of the range desktop from Dell, so why recommend buying another one?? :roll:

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Exchange Program Launch Date Confirmed.

Details can be found here:

Does anyone know if they just send out the motherboard or do you have to send the old one back too?

glad to see this finally arriving ...

dell can either send you a kit for self fitting or
a free visit from a tech support geezer

This has now launched.

Dell XPS Motherboard Exchange Program


XPS 700 customers are offered the following:

720 Hardware Kit at no charge
Option for on-site installation service at no charge
Option to purchase the QX6700 quad-core processor at 25% off of the then-current price (as listed on the Dell accessories website in your region at the time of payment), plus tax, shipping, handling

XPS 710 customers are offered the following:
Option to purchase a 720 hardware kit for $250 USD, plus tax, shipping, handling
Option to purchase on-site installation service. Fee for service is not to exceed $150 USD, plus applicable tax
720 Hardware kit details:

XPS 720 motherboard
Front panel I/O assembly (Black or Red)
All required cables and mechanical assemblies
XPS 720 Resource CD
XPS 720 Owner's Manual
XPS mouse pad
Digital Theater Sound Solution (DTS)
Installation tech sheet
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