Delonghi Argento C40 4 slice toaster white £20 Tesco instore - Mogden Lane Isleworth

Delonghi Argento C40 4 slice toaster white £20 Tesco instore - Mogden Lane Isleworth

LocalFound 20th Feb 2017
Reduced from £29. Several on the shelves at Tesco Mogden Lane Isleworth.
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Saw this in store at Asda. It seems to be great quality and durable. I'd recommend it.

The matching kettle looked the same but the build quality was terrible. The paint on the matching kettle was chipped and the finishing felt completely different from the toaster.

I found it helpful looking at kettles and toasters instore and on display as they get handled a lot. You get an idea of build quality. Some of the displays had broken buttons and levers and others had paint chips.

Sorry for the long post but I thought I'd share. Have some heat op
Such shiny knobs!
I have one of these. Just take into consideration that the elements in the toaster deteriorate after, yes you guessed it, a year. I have researched this online and apparently this is a common fault with this toaster, but Delonghi ignore the issue. I would not buy another one from this company.
I have this toaster. The build quality is great and it toasts really well. For 20 quid, it's an absolute steal. The only minor niggles are that the body gets quite hot so I'd probably avoid if you're after a cool wall toaster. Also, some of the wider breads (I'm looking at you Aldi bloomer) don't fit so you have to kind of pop in diagonally and then change the angle half way through. Well recommended though.
Had ours for over 10 years (and matching kettle), never had an issue at all. Like most things though maybe they were making them better quality back then.
Got one of these in Sainsburys also for the same price. Reduced from £40.
Had mine for years, never had a problem
FYI these are awful toasters.

At the bottom of the toast holding piece of metal are metal flaps that quite quickly due to heat bend and than get stuck on the outside filaments.
Had mine for about 3 years now and no problems with it, great toaster.

Such shiny knobs!

What has " Made in Chelsea" got to do with it?
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