DeLonghi BCO255 Pumped Combi Coffee Maker - £53.49 @ Amazon

DeLonghi BCO255 Pumped Combi Coffee Maker - £53.49 @ Amazon

Found 8th Oct 2008
RRP: £79.99
Price: £53.49
You Save: £26.50 (33%)

Technical Details
* Pump Combi Espresso Coffee Maker
* Stainless Steel Boiler
* Removable Water Reservoir with Water Level Indicator
* Automatic Drip Proof Device
* Jug Warmer Device
* In Built Cappuccino System

Product Description
Manufacturer's Description
The BCO255 Combi machine, offers the user a wide range of coffee, from Espresso to Cappuccino to Filter Coffee. Unlike the more traditional Steam combi machines, the BCO255 is a Pump Driven Combi machine, therefore it guarantees a higher quality cup of coffee every time. Easy to use and even easier to clean, the BCO255 is the ideal product for anyone who enjoys coffee.

Product Description
Delongi Bco255 Coffee Maker Combi Silv/Blk - Combi Espresso Machine To Prepare Excellent Espresso Coffee Cappuccino And At The Same Time Filter Or Barley-based Coffee - Removable Espresso Coffee Water Tank - Handy Cup Tray To Keep The Cups Warm Before Use
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Undoubtably a good price for this machine, I have to say I wouldn't personally rush to buy it though, so have voted neutral!

I have used a DeLonghi Bar 14 coffee machine for YEARS now, and it produces brilliant results, with a bit of practice. This is basically a similar pumped espresso machine with a filter coffee machine tacked on the side, so all that does is make it a LOT bigger, and adds more to clean up when you are finished, as the machine WILL splatter a bit onto the glassware and the filter side of the machine!

If you are into espresso, filter coffee is NOT something you will want anyway (for a start, French press/ Cafetiere coffee is a far better method for flavour,and is quicker too) - in fact, filter coffee is probably the antithesis of what drinking epsresso is about, tepid dishwater! :-( (If you like tepid dishwater, then this IS your sort of machine!)

I would suggest the cheaper alternative of a Delonghi Bar 14 machine, also sometimes sold as a Caffe Treviso. Looking a bit old now, and arguably not so snazzy, but smaller & cheaper with all the functionality. These have been on great offers in the past, but, typically not so much now! At the moment the cheapest I could find is this one:…508
which comes out at £47.94 delivered. It is a product Currys sell too, and some expert will tell us if they would price match on that to make it cheaper?

Whateveer you buy, beware the non-pumped machines though - if they have a little glass jug, then ignore it! They are both useless, and a very good way to scald yourself! Pod only machines are not something to rush & buy either.
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