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De'Longhi Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Autentica ETAM29.660.SB Refurbished (with code) - sold by De'Longhi Uk

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Good Bean to cup coffee machine with automatic milk dispenser.

£639 NEW on amazon, £243 REFURBISHED on eBay (with code BUYBETTER25) sold by the official Delonghi account.

Personally, I think this is an amazing deal for a good quality fully automatic bean to cup machine.
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  1. yorkie12's avatar
    Bought from De'Longhi refurb. on eBay , they are very good. The drip tray on mine was broken in transit, reported and 24 hrs later they delivered a new tray.
    hobgoblin1980's avatar
    Me to and i concour, it was immaculate and been great for over a year now
  2. eggstar's avatar
    Got my machine refurbed from their eBay site and hasn’t skipped a beat. Very good with customer service too, they responded to a query I had 2 years after purchase with help. Great deal 
  3. arbortheus's avatar
    Have a much older Delonghi that is now at 12,500 coffees and still working great. I have done some basic preventative maintenance like replacing some O-Rings and reapplying silicone grease when the waste pucks were getting a bit soggier than they should be (indicative of a poor seal in the brew head), but aside from that it has been painless. (edited)
  4. AndrewWaddin-33961.57250's avatar
    Mrs said I can’t have one
    zcaprd7's avatar
    Tell her it pays for itself, amazon beans versus pods after about 6 months...
  5. Lightyu's avatar
    Bought the exact same model in 2017 and still in daily use. They’re going to last so well worth it.
  6. goombahxxx's avatar
    Got this deal a couple of weeks ago for about a tenner more expensive....great machine. Love it.
  7. Kankan101's avatar
    got one tank is small pretty awkward at the back hard to see max line because it reflects. The on/off button is absolute pain and you touch the front control panel touch panel when you turn it round to see the tank level. It's pretty loud tbh. Its ok certainly not worth full retrial price tbh
  8. Raspy's avatar
    I have a Dinamica and have had it quite a few years. 5000+ coffees later was when the grinder finally died. Picked up a new grinder for £50 and fitted it myself. Here's to the next 5000+ coffees. If it does die then I'll probably pick one of these up. Cheaper and to be fair we only use the coffee setting. I think we use the milk attachment about twice a year. Tchibo coffee beans or Douwe Egberts Red from Netherlands make a decent quaffable coffee.
  9. srh007's avatar
    The ability of this machine to create barista level beverages is very limited.

    If you are looking for a home experience that can rival a coffee shop, and are prepared to invest in learning how, you will be so much better off investing the extra £30 on the Sage Barista Express offer that’s also been posted on HotUkDeals.


    Having worked with and used both styles of machine, the small additional funds you spend now, will be worth it in the long term as the Sage will satisfy your needs for a much longer period than this style of machine.

    Plenty further advice on YouTube and various blogs, but I would strongly advise plenty of research to check if this machine will satisfy your needs long term.

    Hope this may assist folks who are on the fence with spending this amount of money on a coffee machine.
    Mohamed_Sayed-Ahmed's avatar
    I think the bonus here is that this is refurbished and sold by De'Longhi, which adds a layer of confidence if anything goes wrong, while the sage one I'd listed as used and sold by another seller.
  10. Baccus's avatar
    Great price. These Delonghi machines are excellent. I bought a refurb Magnifica S smart a couple of years back. It makes great coffee and hasn't missed a beat. Use it every day.
    Personally I prefer the machines without the integrated milk container as it has to be washed out every day whereas the non integrated machines just need the steam nozzle wipes off after each use. Also, don't buy the Delonghi de scaler. It's very expensive. I bought a 5 litre bottle of descaler (described as ideal for coffee machines) from Amazon for a fraction of the cost and it will take me ages to get through it.
    sion22's avatar
    cant you just put the milk container inside fridge after use? i got the non intergrated version of this and i kinda regret it cause its a pain to do it manually
  11. _cracK's avatar
    water tank is from the backside
    tommytbone1's avatar
    I'd get that seen to
  12. wotguvnotmeguv's avatar
    This looks a lot like the De’Longhi Eletta we have - that cost us £449 at the end of 2022, and is a great machine.
    Socobar's avatar
    They are all the same as the pump inside the machine is same in all the models. Cofee tastes the same from all delonghi machines only difference is the option for milk and frothing.
  13. drumie's avatar
    Missed out last time, jumped at it this time.
  14. sandozer's avatar
    My hulk of a machine, ESAM2600 bought in 2015 will not die, in use daily. DeLonghi make superb Bean to Cup machines. Would love one of these slim jobbers.
  15. sashforth's avatar
    This is a ridiculous bargain. I normally recommend saving money by buying a basic model without the milk carafe but this is so cheap that you might as well get it.
  16. rpdmallett's avatar
    Excellent machine. Had one for about 2 years now. Bought at roughly this price from eBay DeLonghi. Bean Hopper and water tank are slightly smaller than desired but it’s a nice compact machine. Width and height are small although depth is normal for this kind of machine - but no issues for me on a normal worktop.
  17. nigelpm's avatar
    Thanks - bit the bullet! I realise it's not as good as a Sage but difference in price is too much to warrant and this is simpler.
  18. ForkHandles's avatar
    I’ve been off HUKD for a few months, saved a fortune, ordered this so now back on the slippery slope.
    Thanks for posting
  19. cr7hg's avatar
    finally went for it. Decided against it few weeks ago when it was more expensive. Hope this changes my coffee life for easier
  20. _cracK's avatar
    the only negative is that water tank is from the backside
  21. Poojari's avatar
    Have ordered it for my husband he loves a good coffee..... cant wait to try it....thanks for sharing
  22. aemscor's avatar
    Brilliant i have one
  23. BoiledBeef's avatar
    Just went for this (thanks OP). Please could anyone with this machine post some links for coffee beans? Any top tips / recommendations? Many thanks
    adriandocherty's avatar
    Paddy & Scott’s are good
  24. m4rts's avatar
    Does anyone know why the voucher cannot be applied to other models from De'Longhi?
    sashforth's avatar
    It is strange that it only works on a a handful of models. Normally if a seller is participating in the code promotion then all the items are included. However the same seems to be the case for other sellers too. For example, only a few of the TVs are included on Panasonic's eBay outlet site.
  25. Innsy's avatar
    Also have this machine and have been using for a couple of years. Very good. The milk heater/frother is more a novelty imo. Never hot enough. You can remove this though and it becomes a hot water output (which can be useful / saves boiling kettle for one cup etc). Super easy to clean as well
  26. adriandocherty's avatar
    I have this machine and absolutely adore it. Upgraded from nespresso pods a few years back and it has changed my life. I Delonghi. Yes the water tank is a bit fiddly and a bit too small but never mind.
  27. Gh0st1's avatar
    Makes good Coffee but I find the milk wand annoyingly short and the first/last bit of flow seems to miss the cup
  28. KyleKeighley's avatar
    De'Longhi are bomb proof machines, one of these will hold out longer than Adviivka.
  29. m4rts's avatar
    Went for one, thanks OP!
  30. s123's avatar
    Fantastic deal, TYVM
  31. Ciderman's avatar
    Total bargain. Ordered
  32. 1mran's avatar
    Heat for delonghi direct on eBay, great seller and good code. Personally I'd get the cheaper magnifica s with the wand and buy a metal jug and thermometer, it's easy as pie
    rev6's avatar
    It's easy but it's time consuming especially if you're making two. I use a wand but went bean to cup to reduce the effort using a portafilter. I'm wondering if I should give this try as long as the milk is hot enough and not foamy like Avon bubble bath
  33. Heetz55's avatar
    Hi. All machines are good bean to cup coffee. We got Esam. Great servicing under warranty. We use Delonghi descaler. Best mid range machine in my opinion.
  34. JasperCC's avatar
    We have this as our daily workhorse. Counter reads 13,000+ coffees. Has not missed a beat with regular descaling and an occasional wipe inside. Some niggles include the rather small water tank and fiddly-to-clean milk dispenser but these are rather small issues on balance.
  35. Mohamed_Sayed-Ahmed's avatar
    Brilliant! Managed to grab one. Thank you
  36. hobgoblin1980's avatar
    HOT, Great deal and good machine
  37. musehead's avatar
    Bought this new for £349 nearly two years ago. It's great, use it every day. Definitely recommend.
  38. stu750's avatar
    Great machines. We picked up the Dinamica for £125 on from Cheapest Electrical when they had a 20% discount day. Only has a 1 year guarantee though.
  39. Road_Eagle's avatar
    Anyone have any views on the manual steam wand vs the auto one on this. Thnaks in advance
  40. Dice19's avatar
    Can you make straight out of the box? It says Additional items such as the descaler, water filter, and test strip are not included with refurbished machines?
    rev6's avatar
    Descaler is easily sourced and it'll be done before being sent out.
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